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Outriders: How to defeat the fiery boss Moloch

Moloch is Outriders’ third major boss and he’s no slouch.
Outriders: How to defeat the fiery boss Moloch

The third boss in Outriders is Moloch, who takes fiery attacks and attempts to turn you into ash, similar to what the Molten Acari tried to do in the previous boss fight. 

However, unlike the Acari, Moloch only has a few attacks, which he spams incessantly to make sure you never have a solid footing in the battle area. If you’re on a high World Tier or don’t know about these attacks, then defeating Moloch will be a real pain in Outriders. 

Luckily, we know some concrete ways to defeat this boss, which allows you to advance past the Onslaught quest. 

Defeating Moloch in Outriders 

outriders molochMoloch is Outriders’ third boss. (Picture: Square Enix)

To begin the fight with Moloch, you need to advance past the Trench Town fighting that takes place in No Man’s Land. Fighting the waves of Insurgents can be quite difficult but eventually, you’ll make your way to Moloch, who is fresh off defeating Seth, an Altered who was your ally. 

The fight begins with Moloch showing off his three abilities, which are as follows: 

  • Flame Barrage
  • Wandering Flame
  • Solar Blast
  • Fire Dash
  • Immolation

The deadliest of these attacks is Solar Blast, which charges up a stream of fire that is shot directly at the player. This needs to be timed perfectly in order to dodge it. If you take damage from this attack, you’re going to be in a bad spot. However, as long as you pay attention to the orange meter above Moloch’s head, you should be able to time your dodge and avoid the attack. 

For the other attacks, you’ll see them coming more often than not. Flame Barrage is relatively easy to dodge, as you can see the blue circles on the ground, and Wandering Flame just has you stepping away from a flame tornado. 

outriders how to beat molochFlame Barrage is one of Moloch’s few attacks. (Picture: Square Enix)

Moloch’s last real attack is Fire Dash, which has him teleport to your location and unleash some fire around that area’s radius. As long as you dodge correctly, this attack won’t hurt you and will allow you to deal some damage to him after the fact. 

Speaking of damage, you want to stay as far away from Moloch as possible. He likes to spam attacks closer to his body, so using an assault rifle or sniper is going to be your best option. This will drain his health faster and keep you protected as well. 

In terms of where you want to aim with your weapons, go for both of Moloch’s heads. He has his actual head and then the head on his back. Hitting both will inflict more damage onto him and finish the fight quicker. It also helps to have Weapon Life Leech, as both will return some health to you the more damage you do with your weapons. You could use Skill Life Leech but using skills against Moloch is tricky and depends on your class. 

moloch weakness

If you’re struggling to beat Moloch, make sure to lower your World Tier. While this will result in lower rarity gear, advancing in Outriders is more important than earning gear that will likely become obsolete in a few quests.