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Outriders: How to remove FPS cap after cutscenes

There’s a certain problem Outriders players are having after cutscenes conclude.
Outriders: How to remove FPS cap after cutscenes

The day one-issues in Outriders continue to mount, with the micro-stuttering and FPS drop problem being the number one concern for many fans. 

However, a smaller issue that’s popped up for players is even more annoying during some points of the game. Also dealing with FPS, cutscenes will sometimes drop the player’s frames to a mere 60 and will not go back up to where they were before the cutscene. Once again, this problem seems to be restricted to PC but that doesn’t diminish it at all. 

Unlike the micro-stuttering problem, the Outriders developers haven’t publicly posted workarounds for this drop in FPS. They also haven’t acknowledged it, which means players aren’t making the devs aware or they’re waiting until a fix is in place. 

Nonetheless, the community developed a fix that’s simple enough in the short run. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to solve the problem long-term; that will likely only come with a future patch. 

Fixing the FPS cap after cutscenes in Outriders

Outriders remove FPS capOutriders is off to a shaky launch. (Picture: Square Enix)

The problem itself is very simple. After some cutscenes or breaks in the action of Outriders, players will have their FPS restricted to 60 no matter what their frames were before the break. This cap in FPS goes on until the next cutscene, where the issue will sometimes resolve itself. However, during that time, the frames are capped to 60, which is a major issue for fans using a high-end PC or monitor. 

The short-term fix is to simply hit “Esc” once you can see the FPS has been capped to 60. This will then uncap your FPS instantly and allow you to utilize your hardware and monitor more efficiently. 

Although, if another cutscene or talking point comes up again, the same issue will likely pop up. If it does, you just have to hit “Esc” once again and then wait for the inevitable next cutscene. 

The problem has been posted to the various Outriders bug-tracking threads, so hopefully, Square Enix and People Can Fly are working on a long-term solution in addition to the other solutions needed for the myriad of other problems.