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Outriders singleplayer: How to pause the game

Despite being an always-online experience, there is a way you can pause Outriders if you are in a singleplayer game.
Outriders singleplayer: How to pause the game

While there's a lot to like about Outriders from Square Enix and People Can Fly, there have also been quite a few issues, from disconnects to cross-play being disabled until the developer can fix the issues. One big, frustrating issue with Outriders is that it is, of course, an always-online title. This means you need a consistent internet connection to play, and there's no option to pause Outriders, even in singleplayer...or is there?

Outriders: How to pause

First thing's first. Not everyone will be able to pause an Outriders game, and it only works in singleplayer. However, if you happen to own an NVIDIA graphics card, then you can actually pause your Outriders singleplayer game.

Keep in mind there's no pause option in Outriders, so if you are playing on consoles, or if you own an AMD graphics card, this trick won't work.

how to pause outriders singleplayer nvidia geforce experience ansel(Picture: People Can Fly)

To pause your singleplayer Outriders game, follow the simple steps below.

  • Install GeForce Experience if you don't have it already.
  • Update GeForce Experience to the latest version.
  • Launch Outriders and play singleplayer (without anyone else).
  • Press Alt + F2 to bring up NVIDIA's Ansel.
  • Your game is now paused.
  • Press Alt + F2 again to resume your game.

Outriders supports NVIDIA's Ansel, which is basically a program in GeForce experience that allows you to fly around in free-camera mode, applying post-processing filters and more while the game is effectively paused. This, however, doesn't work if you are playing Outriders with others.

With this trick, and if you have the right GPU, you will be able to pause Outriders in singleplayer, feed your pets, make some coffee, and get back into the action right where you left off.

Unfortunately, those with AMD GPUs and console gamers are out of luck on this one, with no way to pause Outriders.