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News > Third-Person Shooter > Outriders

Outriders: Where to find leather scraps

Leather scraps are a fairly common item in Outriders.

Perhaps the most basic resource in Outriders is leather scraps. While not useful as currency like regular scrap, leather is used in a plethora of crafting situations. 

In Outriders, there are three resources that help improve your weapon and armour pieces. In order, they are leather, iron and titanium. We’ve already covered how to acquire the latter two resources, so the only one left is the first, leather. 

Today, we’ll detail how you can easily find leather and what it’s mainly used for in Outriders. 

Finding and using Leather in Outriders

The easiest way to acquire large amounts of guaranteed leather is to disassemble all of your armour pieces that are found during looting. We’ve gone over whether you should sell or dismantle items in Outriders in a previous article but essentially, you want to dismantle green rarity items and above. 

Outriders leatherLeather is a common but valuable resource in Outriders. (Picture: Square Enix)

From this process, you’ll earn a solid amount of leather and other resources that you can then put towards improving your armour. However, you can also acquire leather through looting chests and creatures. This is far more random though, so you can’t rely on it if you need leather in a hurry. 

The only real use for leather in Outriders is to improve your armour pieces. Iron and titanium are used for improving weapons, so leather is the only resource you need to improve or mod armour.

If you’re planning on doing mass modding or improving, then you’ll need a solid chunk of leather, so make sure you’re dismantling all of your unwanted armour to earn the resource and also acquire new mods in the process.