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Outriders: Will there be cross-progression?

Outriders features cross-play but what about cross-progression?
Outriders: Will there be cross-progression?

Outriders is an upcoming co-op RPG from developer Square Enix that is set to implement a wide array of exciting features. 

So far, we’ve heard about cross-play, different world difficulties that can be changed on the fly and a focus on PvE content in place of PvP. However, while all of these features are intriguing in their own right, a common question from fans leading up to the game’s launch has been about cross progression. 

This feature is essentially the ability to keep all of your items on a single account no matter what platforms you play on. So if you buy Outriders on PlayStation 5 at launch but later build a PC, cross-progression allows you to keep all of your items that you earned on PS5 once you switch platforms. 

Outriders cross progressionOutriders releases this April for most major systems. (Picture: Square Enix)

Cross progression is always a highly-requested feature whenever cross-play is involved. Unfortunately for fans of Outriders, Square Enix has no plans to enable cross progression at or after launch. There’s no current reason as to why this decision was made but it’s safe to say fans are disappointed. Several Reddit threads have surfaced that ask why the developers chose not to implement the feature when cross-play is in the game. 

Nevertheless, fans will have to make do with the situation. The only form of cross progression available in Outriders is that your items will stay with you as long as you stay in the same “ecosystem”.

This means that you can upgrade from PS4 to PS5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S and keep your items. 

Perhaps the outcry from the community will cause Square Enix to rethink the stance on cross-progression. However, come 1st April when Outriders releases, fans will be limited to one platform if they wish to keep their progress.