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How To Get Cybermedic Ana Skin For Free In Overwatch 2

Here's how to get the Cybermedic Ana skin for free in Overwatch 2.
How To Get Cybermedic Ana Skin For Free In Overwatch 2
(Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch 2 sometimes gives out free skins and other rewards to dedicated players, and the newest of them is the Cybermedic Ana skin. Eligible players will have to follow just a few steps to get their Overwatch 2 Cybermedic Ana skin code and then enter the code in-game.

If you're wondering how to get this cosmetic for this popular hero for yourself, here's how you can get the Cybermedic Ana skin for free in Overwatch 2.

Get Cybermedic Ana Skin Code For Free In Overwatch 2 

ana cybermedic skin
Ana's Epic Cybermedic skin is free with Samsung Rewards. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Players can get the Cybermedia Ana (Epic) skin for free if they're members of the Samsung Rewards program. This deal seems to be only valid in the UK, with some users reporting issues with claiming it outside of the UK - so you likely won't be able to redeem it elsewhere.

Players can get their reward code from the Samsung Rewards website or app. After opening the deal under 'Rewards,' select 'Redeem voucher' to get your unique code.

Next, you have two options for redeeming the code:

  • Battle.net Website
    1. Log in to the account overview
    2. Enter the code in the 'Redeem code' box
  • Battle.net Mobile App
    1. From the Battle tag, select 'drop down' and Redeem a code OR from the Shop tab, select 'Services' and Redeem a code

Each code can only be used once, so your friends will need to have their own Samsung Rewards accounts to redeem their own codes.

It's also worth noting that this offer states that it's "only valid until stock runs out;" it's unclear how many players will be able to get the Cybermedic Ana cosmetic, but it does seem like there's a limited number of them available for free through this offer. You'll want to grab your code and put it in soon if you want to ensure that you get the Epic Cybermedic Ana skin.

That's all you'll need to do to get the free Cybermedic Ana skin in Overwatch 2 - grab your code from Samsung Rewards and enter it on Battle.net, either in the app or on the website. Enjoy your new cosmetic!