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Overwatch 2 - Why Torbjörn Was Removed & When Will He Return?

We explain why Torbjörn was removed from Overwatch 2 and discuss when the hero could return.
Overwatch 2 - Why Torbjörn Was Removed & When Will He Return?

The recent removal of Torbjörn from Overwatch 2 has had fans scratching their heads as to why he was taken out of the game. Blizzard has addressed the issue, stating that he was removed to fix some of the bugs plaguing this ability kit.

So below, we will be taking a closer look at the details surrounding Torbjörn's removal from the game. As well as the possibility of his return to Overwatch 2. 

Update: As of 25th October 2022, Torbjörn has returned to Overwatch 2, alongside Bastion. 

The original article follows.

Why is Torbjörn missing in Overwatch 2?

The development team over at Blizzard revealed in a tweet on the 10th October, nearly a week after Overwatch 2 went live, that Torbjörn would be removed from the game to investigate bugs plaguing him. Currently, we have no news of his return. The same goes for Bastion, who was removed to fix issues concerning his ultimate ability being extremely broken.

The most popular theory is that Torbjörn's Overload ability (which increases his attack power, health, speed, and reload time) lasted twice as long as it should have. However, as of this writing, Blizzard has not confirmed any of the bugs in question. 

If these bugs were anything similar to the bugs plaguing Bastions ultimate, then it only makes sense that Blizzard removed him from specific modes. 

When will Torbjörn be back in Overwatch 2 and why is he missing according to developers bugs in his ability kit
Torbjörn was removed from Overwatch 2 due to an unknown issue in his ability kit that fans speculate about. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

When will Torbjörn be back in Overwatch 2?

There is no word on when Torbjörn will be fully reinstated to the Overwatch 2 roster. He is, however, currently available in Overwatch 2's Quick Play mode but not for Competitive play.

Many people expected Torbjörn to return to the fray within a few days of his removal. Instead, it's been more than a week, and there's still no word on when he'll be restored to all available game modes.

According to some, the Hero will return with the Season Two update on December 8, while others believe Torbjörn will return in November, along with the mid-season update, which will allegedly include balance changes for D.Va, Genji, Zarya, and Sombra. 

When will Torbjörn be back in Overwatch 2 and why is he missing unknown return
We still don't know when Torbjörn will return to Overwatch 2, but some fans speculate he might not. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Some speculate that Blizzard is planning to remove Torbjörn because some fans saw him as a "cheap" character who ruined the competitive environment of the game and that this removal is a test to see how fans react to his absence. For the time being, however, all of these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt until we receive official confirmation from Blizzard when Torbjörn returns.

For now, fans are desiring Torbjörn's return to the roster, and while we don't know when this will be exactly, many fans are hopeful that it will be as soon as possible. 

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.