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Overwatch 24th September Patch notes: Ashe, Baptiste nerfs go live

After testing more balance changes on the PTR, the Overwatch dev team has gone ahead with the buffs and nerfs into the live servers on all platforms.
Overwatch 24th September Patch notes: Ashe, Baptiste nerfs go live

Overwatch received another important patch trying to address the power creep that's made certain heroes, like main tanks, completely irrelevant.

During the 18th September PTR update, the developers at Blizzard tuned certain damage aspects of heroes like Ashe, and the healing output of Baptiste, with these adjustments making their way to the live servers alongside a plethora of other balance changes. 

A huge winner of the patch was Orisa, the stationary tank that took nerfs to her shield, halt ability, and armour, recently got back the original pre-nerf base armour paired with an increased projectile speed to her Fusion Driver.

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Roadhog, the offtank that dominated the game's meta for a few weeks until he too got caught with the nerf-hammer, also saw a bit of love, with his Chain Hook pulling enemies slightly closer.

Overwatch 24th September Live patch notesashe overwatch nerfs
(Photo: Blizzard Entertainment)



 Ashe is still a bit too powerful, but we'd like to keep her rifle feeling impactful so we're taking some power out of her Dynamite ability.


  • Explosion damage reduced from 75 to 50


 Baptiste generates a majority of his ultimate charge through area-of-effect healing. As we reduced area healing values recently, we're also scaling down the cost of his ultimate.

 Amplification Matrix

  • Ultimate cost decreased 15%


 After scaling down the damage output of McCree's primary fire, we're looking to give back a bit of power through improvements to his abilities.

 Combat Roll

  • Distance increased 20%


  • Stun duration increased from 0.7 to 0.8 seconds


 Increased projectile speed will help Orisa’s weapon feel more responsive, reducing the need to lead targets. We found that recent adjustments to Orisa’s abilities were more impactful than we originally anticipated and have increased her armor to compensate.

  • Base armor increased from 200 to 250

Fusion Driver

  • Projectile speed increased from 90 to 120


 After the last round of shotgun improvements, Roadhog's Chain Hook combo still wasn't effective against some of the smaller enemy heroes. This change pulls targets closer to melee range for swifter, more reliable combo execution.

 Chain Hook

  • Now pulls targets 0.5 meters closer (3.5 meters down to 3.0 meters)