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Overwatch Lunar Year 2021: Start time, all skins, limited-time mode, and more

As per usual, February brings the Chinese New Year event to Blizzard's FPS, here's everything you need to know about it.
Overwatch Lunar Year 2021: Start time, all skins, limited-time mode, and more
With news of Overwatch 2 being delayed, fans of Blizzard's hero shooter still have events to look forward to until then, with the Lunar Year festivities just around the corner. 

The event, which is held in February, celebrates the Chinese New Year, with previous years showcasing skins centred around the celebration as well as an update to certain maps and game modes.

Let's take a look at what we can expect when 2021's edition, Year of the Ox, kicks-off.

Overwatch Lunar Year 2021 - Start time

As we've mentioned this year's celebration is called Year of the Ox, and it will start this upcoming 4th February.

The event will end on the 25th, three weeks later, plenty of time to get your hands on all the skins.

Overwatch Lunar Year 2021 - Skins

Speaking of, one of the best things that we can expect from new Overwatch events is the plethora of cosmetics for all the heroes in the game.

This can range from Epic to Legendary skins, which can be acquired via loot boxes or special weekly challenges, that most likely involving getting wins across different game modes.

So far, we only have one skin to look forward to, and it's an amazing Ashe one called Tiger Huntress which sees fellow and not-so-trustworthy sidekick B.O.B turn into a wild animal.

We'll update the article as more skins are revealed.

ashe lunar year
(Image: Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch Lunar Year 2021 - Limited time mode

While there's no confirmation, we can expect a variation of Capture the Flag to be part of the Lunar Year event once again, as it's been the staple of the festivity since the beginning.