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Overwatch pro Pelican rushed to ER after collapsed lung

The Atlanta Reign DPS has been touted as a potential Rookie of the Year candidate.
Overwatch pro Pelican rushed to ER after collapsed lung
Atlant Reign has stated via social media that their DPS player Se-Hyun "Pelican" Oh has been rushed to the hospital for what they initially described as a "non-COVID related emergency," with the Korean confirming on Discord that it was due to a collapsed lung or pneumothorax. 

The Reign explained on their post that Pelican will "be staying in the hospital overnight for continued observation," and reassured fans that they expect him to make a full recovery in due time.

The 19-year-old has been a stellar addition to Atlanta, joining for the current Overwatch League season after being signed from Korean Contenders roster 02 Blast. 

Displaying his prowess as a projectile specialist, piloting heroes like Echo, Pharah, Mei, or Torbjorn, the Korean has helped Atlanta reach the June Joust and Summer Showdown tournaments, being touted by experts and fans as a serious Rookie of the Year candidate in the process.

Pelican overwatch
Pelican joining Atlanta Reign. (Picture: Atlanta Reign)

The Reign has already played all of their Countdown Cup qualifying matches, ending the tournament cycle 4-0, with their next scheduled match set to be played on 15th August to determine the two West division representatives for the final event before the start of the playoffs. 

If Pelican is sidelined, Atlanta will have to rely on hitscan expert Kai Collins and Kim "Edison" Tae-Hoon.

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