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Palworld: How To Catch Pals & Fill Your Paldeck

In our step-by-step guide, we explain how you can catch Pals in Palworld, filling your Paldeck with these cute critters in the process.
Palworld: How To Catch Pals & Fill Your Paldeck

As you explore the mysterious Palpagos Island alone or with friends in Palworld, you will want to easily catch more Pals to add to your ever-growing army. It's an exciting venture and something Pokemon fans will be very familiar with.

We'll explain precisely how you can catch Pals in our step-by-step guide, sharing our experience, including things to look out for when capturing Pals in Palworld, so let's leap in.

How To Catch Pals in Palworld

Palworld how to catch capture pals sphere chance damage percentage
A successful catch in Palworld! (Picture: Pocketpair)

After you find a wild Pal roaming the Palpagos Island, you can follow the steps below to catch it, adding it to your Paldeck if this is your first capture.

  • First, damage the Pal to a low percentage, such as 10 or 20%. The lower its health, the higher your capture chance.
  • Throw a Sphere at the Pal. You'll see your "Capture Chance," and the Sphere will lift into the air.
  • You'll see the Sphere move three times, and the Capture Chance bar will fill to 100% if you are successful.
Palworld how to catch capture pals sphere chance damage percentage
That's a lot of Pals! (Picture: Pocketpair)

Pro tip: You can use any type of weapon, from baseball bats to your firsts, and even guns, to weaken a Pal, making it ready for capture. We don't recommend using a rocket launcher, however, as that generally destroys most Pals instantly.

I like using a bat or a bow since ammo for guns is not infinite in Palworld. Safe those precious bullets for the poachers!

Check out the video below where the developers provide fans with a quick overview to catch Pals in Palworld.

There are over 100 Pals to catch in Palworld at the Early Access launch, and the Paldeck is set to expand to 175 unique creatures when the game fully releases. Yup, you've got your work cut out for you!

While you wait to play this exciting open-world survival and crafting/building title, which looks like Pokemon with guns, check out the video below, where the CEO of Pocketpair, Mizobe, explains what Palworld is and answers fan questions. 

So there you have it; an easy way to catch Pals in Palworld, adding them to your ever-growing workforce. If anything changes, we will endeavor to update this article with haste, so stay tuned!

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