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How To Fix Server Queue Error In Party Animals

If you are spending a long time in a party queue in Party Animals, we have the solution here for your problem.
How To Fix Server Queue Error In Party Animals
Recreate Games

Party Animals has just recently been released and there's a lot of buzz around this game right now. There are a couple of reasons for this: firstly, Party Animals is a party game that a lot of people were waiting for. The second reason is that plenty of different content creators are streaming and making videos around the game.

The physics and the controls are what make Party Animals a good time for large groups of people. The amount of attention this game has received definitely shows with the server queue time. Here, we will go over how to solve the server queue loading error that players might be experiencing while playing Party Animals.

How To Solve Long Server Queue Time For Party Animals

Party Animals Server Error
There are a lot of people trying to play Party Animals right now. (Picture: Recreate Games)

The first few days of a new game can be messy, especially when it's an online game like Party Animals. Players have reported that they are having trouble playing the game because of the server queue time. So how does someone fix the server queue time for Party Animals?

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix long server queue times or errors. If players get the "Server Overloaded" error, then it's not a problem with the players, but rather one on the server side of things. The only way to "fix" this particular problem is to wait it out. Maybe try playing the game at a different time when online traffic is low.

Can Party Animals Be Played Offline?

Party Animals Server Error
Players might have to wait out a server error if they recieve one in Party Animals. (Picture: Recreate Games)

One thing that a lot of different games allow players to do is let them play offline. That way, players can stay on the game and then hopefully log into the server when there is not too much traffic at a later time. It seems simple enough and Party Animals does have an a local co-op mode. So can players play Party Animals offline?

Sadly, this is not the case. Party Animals cannot be played offline. This is very frustrating for a lot of players who might not always have the best connection to online servers, or if the server queue is too long. Even if players are on the same couch as each other or they are playing with AI, all Party Animals games are played online.