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Is Party Animals Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

With the launch of Party Animals, people are wondering if this game is coming to the Nintendo Switch.
Is Party Animals Coming To The Nintendo Switch?
Recreate Games

When it comes to multiplayer games, party games have often been lauded as one of the best ways to get a group together. That's why when Party Animals launched, it generated a lot of excitement.

Party Animals is a new game by Recreate Games which released on September 20, 2023. Players will take on some physics-based objectives against other players as a bunch of oversized stuffed animals. With the Nintendo Switch being one of the most popular party game systems, players are asking when will Party Animals Launch for the Nintendo Switch.

Is Party Animals Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

Party Animals On Switch
Party Animals is finally available for players to check out. (Picture: Recreate Games)

The Nintendo Switch is a very popular platform to use when it comes to party games. Games like Gang Beasts and Jackbox absolutely thrive on the Switch. So it's a bit of a shocker that a game like Party Animals did not launch on the Switch as well. Party Animals first launched on Steam for PC, Xbox consoles and on Game Pass.

At the time of this writing, the Party Animals developers have not said anything about launching on the Nintendo Switch. So as far as we know, these are the only platforms that Party Animals will be on. That might not be the case in the future but for now, Party Animals is not coming to the Switch in the near future.

When Is Party Animals Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

Party Animals Switch
It might take some time before Party Animals launches on the Switch. (Picture: Recreate Games)

Although Party Animals might not be coming to the Nintendo Switch any time soon, that doesn't mean it will never come to the Switch. The fact of the matter is that Party Animals is on Game Pass, which likely has some temporary exclusivity on Party Animals which prevent it from launching on other consoles for now.

If Party Animals were to launch on the Nintendo Switch, it would be after the Game Pass exclusivity has ended. Based on what we know about other games that first launched on Game Pass, Party Animals could come to the Nintendo Switch six months from now to a year. So there is going to be a long gap before Party Animals eventually launches on the Switch, if it ever happens.