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How To Play Party Animals Local Co-Op

Playing Party Animals with your friends on the couch is possible and we teach you how to do so.
How To Play Party Animals Local Co-Op
Recreate Games

There are a lot of party games that are available right now so when a breakout game like Party Animals releases, it catches everyone's attention. Party Animals is interesting because it's a physics-based game where players will have to compete a variety of objectives. The physics and the controls of the game are one of the main attractive features of the game.

Silly controls with silly physics is a recipe for a good party game. That is especially true when the developers add a variety of different weapons for players to utilize. With a game like Party Animals, players will want to play with their friends in every capacity. That's why we are here to discuss how to play Party Animals in local co-op mode.

How To Play Party Animals Split-Screen

Party Animals Local Co-Op
Party Animals is a game that is meant to be played with a larger group. (Picture: Recreate Games)

In Party Animals, most of the games that are being played right now are online. So it might not be entirely clear how to play Party Animals on a local split-screen but it isn't too complicated. The first thing that players will want to do is go to the Custom Game Menu. From there, there's going to be a variety of settings players can select before making a custom local game.

Players will then have to pick a game mode, after which they can just set up a game like normal. Rules, maps, anything goes. Once a Custom Game lobby is made, players just need to activate another controller on the same platform. So on Xbox, just turn on another Xbox controller connected to the console. You will know it worked when the game gives you a message about local players being added.

How Does Split-Screen Work In Party Animals?

Party Animals Local Co-Op
Setting up a local co-op room in Party Animals is not too difficult. (Picture: Recreate Games)

Split-screen is interesting because each game does them differently. Sometimes, players will always be on the same screen but if they go far enough apart, the screen will then split. Some games are split-screen all the way through. So what about Party Animals? How does Party Animals handle the split-screen situation in local co-op?

Party Animals is split-screen from the start of the local custom game. That means that there is no moment where players have the same big screen together and it is all split-screen. This helps to make sure there is always a camera on your character, but it does limit how much you can see of the area around you.