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Max Number Of Players In Party Animals

How many players can be in a single Party Animals lobby?
Max Number Of Players In Party Animals
Recreate Games

With plenty of party games out there to choose from, one more has entered the pool — Party Animals. In this new physics-based party game, players are oversized stuffed animals trying to complete a variety of objectives. The controls with the physics engine of the game make everything a lot more silly than they should be.

Party Animals is now available for Xbox and PC and, with the launch of this new title, players have questions that they want answered. For example, how many players can join a single group of Party Animals? Here, we will go over that answer.

Maximum Number Of Players In A Party Animals Lobby

Party Animals Lobby Size
Party Animals is a multiplayer game that allows a large group to get together to play. (Picture: Recreate Games)

When it comes to party games, the bigger the lobby size the better. Having more players join a lobby means that the game can become more chaotic which is perfect for this style of party game. That's why there are people who want to know what the maximum lobby size is for Party Animals. Thankfully, it is a pretty good-sized lobby.

In Party Animals, the maximum lobby size is 8 players. This of course does not mean every single player has to be a human player. The party size could include AI-controlled players as well. The 8-player lobby size extends across all game modes.

Is There Online Matchmaking For Party Animals?

Party Animals Group Size
Having more players for Party Animals is important for the experience. (Picture: Recreate Games)

Games like Party Animals function best with a larger group. There are some people who could be interested in playing Party Animals but might not have a group large enough to fill a lobby. So is there online matchmaking for Party Animals?

Thankfully, there is online matchmaking for Party Animals. Players do not need a large group of personal friends to fully enjoy Party Animals. There's not only online matchmaking but there is voice chat as well. So players can get the full Party Animals experience without having their own group to play with.