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Party Animals Weapon Tier List - All Weapons Ranked

Party Animals offers a range of useful weapons with unique strengths and weaknesses. Here's the ultimate tier list ranking all weapons from best to worst.
Party Animals Weapon Tier List - All Weapons Ranked
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Looking for the best weapons to use in Party Animals? Being a chaotic multiplayer game, Party Games allows its players to use a bunch of creative weapons to knock their opponents out of the field.

However, some weapons are clearly better than others when it comes to defeating your opponents. So, knowing which ones are the best can help you have an upper hand over your adorable enemies. With that said, here’s our Party Animals weapon tier list to help you choose the right tool.

All Party Animals Weapons, Ranked

Party Animals features 11 weapons in total that players can use in any multiplayer mode. However, it's worth noting that they don't have a fixed spawn, so you might not find your favorite weapon every time.

To rank the weapons on their performance, we will use a five-tier system, from S to D. We will also briefly explain why each one belongs to its respective tier.

  • S-Tier: The best of the best. These weapons are lethal, and players should pick them as soon as they spawn.
  • A-Tier: Solid weapons with the potential to turn the tide of a fight.
  • B-tier: Decent weapons that can perform well in some situations. They are not as powerful as A-tier weapons, but they are still usable.
  • C-Tier: Mediocre weapons that are only good for emergencies. They lack the quality and performance of the higher-tier weapons.
  • D-Tier: The worst of the worst. These weapons are frustrating and ineffective. Stay away from them if you value your life.
Rank Weapon
S Shovel, Racket, Hammer, Baseball Bat
A Pan, Nunchucks, Boomerang, Lollypop
B Crossbow, Taser, Ice Gun
C Plunger, Bomb

S Tier Weapons

Party Animals S Tier Weapons
Party Animals S Tier Weapons. (Picture: GINX/ Tarun Sayal)


A shovel is a powerful tool for close combat as it can swing with great force and knock back your enemies with a single blow.

Tennis Racket

A tennis racket is a fun way to bash your furry foes in Party Animals. It has a white net, a dark handle, and a frame that is gray and light green. You can swing it like a melee weapon and knock down your animal friends.


The hammer is a mighty melee weapon that can smash your foes in one blow if you aim right. The weapon also has a splash damage effect, so you can take out multiple enemies at once if they are close enough. Don’t panic if you find yourself in a tight spot, just swing your hammer and watch them fall.

A Tier Weapons

Party Animals A Tier Weapons
Party Animals A Tier Weapons. (Picture: GINX/ Tarun Sayal)

Baseball Bat

The bat is a swift and deadly melee weapon. You can knock out an unarmed enemy with one swing, and they won’t get up until you let them. However, the bat’s short reach makes it an A-Tier weapon.


You can strike fast and hard with the nunchucks, and they are ready to use again in no time. You can target one enemy and unleash a flurry of powerful hits, but be careful not to hit yourself by spinning them too much.


This weapon is a hilarious choice for melee combat, as the pan looks more suitable for frying eggs than fighting enemies. It can deliver a loud and satisfying smack that can knock out your opponents in an instant.


The lollypop is a sweet weapon in Party Animals that you should definitely grab. It works like a hammer or a tennis racket, but it looks much more fun. You can smash your enemies with this colorful candy and make them cry.


Boomerang is by far the most interesting melee weapon as it is designed to return to the thrower after hitting the enemy. It takes some practice to master the boomerang, but you will get the hang of it after a few tries.

B Tier Weapons

Party Animals B Tier Weapons
Party Animals B Tier Weapons. (Picture: GINX/ Tarun Sayal)


Taser is one of the most effective semi-ranger weapons in the game. It can deliver a powerful electric shock to your enemy, leaving them stunned for a short duration. However, there is a catch: you will also feel the shock if you try to touch your enemy while they're stunned. This means you cannot use your hands to grab them, but you have to use another weapon to throw them out.


The crossbow is a terrible weapon in the game because it takes too long to fire an arrow. Your enemy can easily run up to you and toss you off the ground while you are still aiming your crossbow.

Ice Gun

This weapon is a fun and effective way to freeze your furry foes in place as it shoots out icy projectiles that can turn your enemies into huge ice lollies for a short time.

C Tier Weapons

Party Animals C Tier Weapons
Party Animals C Tier Weapons. (Picture: GINX/ Tarun Sayal)


The Bomb is a super cool weapon that you can throw at your enemies, but it’s not easy to use. You have to guess where your enemies will be once it detonates. So the Bomb can be awesome if you know how to use it, but it’s also easy to avoid and needs some strategy to work.


A plunger is meant to unclog drains and pipes in real life, but it serves a different function in the game. You can use it to drag and pull your enemies, but you can also do that with your bare hands. So, we suggest you skip the plunger and choose another weapon.