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eFootball compatibility with Option Files, exclusive features at all platforms, and no microtransactions at launch

Konami has given more details about eFootball, the gree football simulator that will replace the PES franchise.
eFootball compatibility with Option Files, exclusive features at all platforms, and no microtransactions at launch

Some time has passed since Konami released a sports game bombshell, announcing their Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) saga would disappear to make way for eFootball, the new football simulator from the Japanese company that will arrive for free in Fall 2021.

Although with this announcement many important details were released, such as the roadmap of its initial release and development, many questions were left in the air for its community who have waited for more info from its developers.

eFootball Development Roadmap
eFootball Development Roadmap (Picture: Konami Digital Entertainment)

However, in recent days Konami has wanted to step out before making more announcements, to answer some of the most common questions from players through the official eFootball social channels, as well as through some of the biggest PES communities.

eFootball compatible with Option Files on PlayStation and PC

One of the first to give revelations has been, a Spanish community well known for its Option Files, customizable files that offer up real-world kits, player models, and names for the different teams in all PES games.

Besides, one of their latest announcements has resonated a lot within the players, revealing that eFootball will be compatible with Option Files in the near future, also including an editing tool so that players can customize their own content.

According to, Konami has plans to add Edit / Option Files modes as a free update for PS5, PS4 and PC after the game's release in the fall, giving more details on this and other additional features soon.

Exclusive graphical and controller features

Among other updates released around eFootball includes Seitaro Kimura, producer of the franchise, who guaranteed through a statement for The Loadout that eFootball will make the most of the potential of each device on which it will debut, highlighting the exclusive features of the title with the PlayStation 5's DualSense.

eFootball Development Roadmap
DualSense's Haptic Feedback in action (Picture: Sony)

The creative highlighted the new title will be compatible with haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of the controller. This means that fans will experience different sensations depending on the pitch and the type of shots that are made.

On the other hand, Kimura stated they developed eFootball with Unreal Engine for all platforms; however, on consoles and on PC you can do things that are complicated for now on mobiles.

“While the core game engine is the same for console and mobile, we’re working to ensure the best gameplay experience on each platform,” said Kimura.

eFootball Development Roadmap
(Picture: Konami Digital Entertainment)

Thus, the title will offer 3D grass on consoles and PC, realistic movements of spectators, better lighting, motion blur and other features not currently possible on mobile devices. The game will, however, have customizable graphic settings for both iOS and Android devices.

No microtransactions at eFootball’s initial release

Konami has also confirmed that during its launch, eFootball will have no microtransactions, so everything will be free-to-play at launch, with more content to be added during fall and winter 2021.

"Early autumn launch is basically a demo in many ways. We want people to get hands-on with eFootball as soon as possible, so we will launch with a limited number of teams and modes. ”, highlighted Konami through a Q&A on eFootball’s Twitter.

eFootball Development Roadmap
(Picture: Konami Digital Entertainment)

eFootball will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, iOS, and Android in Fall 2021.

Be on the lookout because we will bring you the latest on PES and eFootball from every release, news and more.