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eFootball: Release date, gameplay details, platforms and more

The Japanese publisher, Konami, has announced a brand overhaul as PES becomes eFootball, a free-to-play, revitalized football simulation experience.
eFootball: Release date, gameplay details, platforms and more

The football world is full of unchanging events. Messi dribbling past 3 defenders, Ajax FC polishing gems, PSG spending a fortune, yet Konami has found a way to shake & shock the football world.

Earlier today we confirmed that the FIFA competitor in football simulation games, Pro Evolution Soccer, will no longer exist, evolving into a new brand called eFootball.

We went to deep dive into every piece of info to bring you everything you need to know about the newest free-to-play that plans to revolutionize the football world.

When will eFootball be available to play?

If we use the PES franchise as a reference we could definitely be sure we will have the game in our hands by September. Also, the road map showed in the release trailer aims at an early autumn release. which in Japan starts in September, doubling down on this theory.

You can check out the full trailer below, where several FC Barcelona players and legends participated in the making of this game:

eFootball gameplay

eFootball Road Map
eFootball shapes to have all the same main game modes as the other football simulation games. (Picture: Konami)

The synergy mentioned earlier with FC Barcelona players was used to restructure the game dynamics offering a more fresh and realistic experience football simulation.

They describe a technology called “motion match” which helped to create an enormous amount of animations for both attacking and defending and making a more pragmatic action while attacking or defending.

Around October we expect the release of a team-building mode, like FUT, with a name to be confirmed, as well as cross-platform matchmaking and a Match Pass, which could become a seasonal element to the game.

eFootball will bring a full cross-platform experience to football

eFootball Lionel Messi
eFootball will continue the licensed teams and players that were PES allies. (Picture: Konami)

By the winter, which in Japan starts around January, we expect a complete cross-platform experience that includes all consoles (Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch), PC and mobile devices.

The main difference will only be perceived visually as current generation consoles like Xbox X|S and PlayStation 5 will offer cutting-edge graphics and improved sound immersion.

We will surely be on the edge of our seats as we expect more news about eFootball as well as a gameplay trailer that showcases the game in its full capacity.

Be on the lookout because we will bring you the latest on PES and eFootball from every release, news and more.