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Antoine Griezmann fired as Konami ambassador in light of viral video

Upon the release of a video filmed back in 2019, the Japanese entertainment company has cut ties with the French footballer.
Antoine Griezmann fired as Konami ambassador in light of viral video

After a leaked video released a couple of days ago showed French FC Barcelona Footballers Ousmane Dembelé and Antoine Griezmann making fun of some Japanese technicians while trying to fix a television, Konami has cancelled his business relationship with the latter.

Konami just announced Griezmann as an ambassador of Yu-Gi-Oh, one of the most popular trading card games in the world, which made this move even bolder.

Griezman PES
(Picture: Pro Evolution Soccer)

In the short video, filmed during the team’s tour in Japan a couple of years ago, we can only actually hear Dembelé refer to the technicians as “ugly faces”. Although Griezmann does not appear to say anything he seems to be laughing and nodding along.

Now FC Barcelona has been put in a tough spot as Konami, which is also responsible for the PES franchise, has asked their Spanish partners through a statement to further explain the details of the case and future actions regarding their players.

FC Barcelona PES Partners
(Picture: Pro Evolution Soccer)

Both players have issued apologies but back up the saying that the remarks never intended a racist connotation. Griezmann even reminded that he “has always been committed against any form of discrimination” through a tweet.

We will see how this story unfolds as the backlash has reached other Barcelona partners like Rakuten, which also demanded explanations to the club who will have their hands full in the upcoming days.

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