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How To Connect Speakers To A PlayStation 5

If you want to connect speakers to a PlayStation 5, our guide will be able to help you with that problem.
How To Connect Speakers To A PlayStation 5

Even though there were a very limited amount of PlayStation 5's available when it first launched, the PS5 has sold 40 million consoles since it first launched. That is a very large number of consoles for how long the PS5 has been out, and there are all sorts of different people who bought it. Some will buy the console for the games, and others will focus on streaming services.

Whatever the reason someone bought a PS5, each console comes with the same exact features before something like Project Q comes out. One thing that has some players confused is exactly how they can get the sound from the PS5 to work on a speaker. Here, we will teach you how to connect a speaker to a PS5.

How To Connect A PS5 To A Speaker

PS5 Speaker
There are plenty of reasons why players want to use a speaker while using a PS5. (Picture: Sony)

One of the first things that you will need to note is that there are no optical audio ports for the PS5. That means that you cannot simply plug in your speakers to the PlayStation 5. What you need to do is buy devices that will connect to your PS5 through the HDMI port. You will need to get yourself an Audio Extractor that will connect to the HDMI port on your PS5 and will connect to your speaker.

The Audio Extractor will give you the best results for your speaker. Bluetooth is also another way to connect to speakers, but you need to get yourself a Bluetooth adaptor that will plug into your PS5. Once you do that, you will simply pair your PS5 to your speaker, and it should work like any other speaker. You can mess with the settings in the settings menu on your PS5.

How To Connect A Soundbar To A PS5

PS5 Speakers
The PS5 comes with plenty of accessories but a speaker or soundbar is not one of them. (Picture: Sony)

A Soundbar might be your best bet if you want to enhance the sounds of what is happening on the PS5. It is also a much simpler solution for getting higher-quality sound output for a PS5 compared to speakers. To connect to a soundbar, you will need two HDMI cables. One to connect the PS5 to the soundbar and one to connect the soundbar to the monitor or TV.

It is also possible to connect your PS5 to the screen like normal and then your soundbar directly to the television via the optical cable as well. The soundbar will offer better sounds overall compared to other audio options. Of course, you could also simply plug in a headset to the PS5 controller if you want to listen to the PS5 that way.