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Project Q Factory Leaked Images Suggest It Could Be Running Android

Is Project Q running Android? It seems so after leaked factory device images fueled outrage among gamers.
Project Q Factory Leaked Images Suggest It Could Be Running Android

In a revealing Reddit post on 22 July 2023, leaked images of Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 5 handheld gaming accessory, Project Q, have sparked heated debate among the online gaming community. The photos, posted by Redditor u/AyoadeNBN, suggest that the device will likely run on an Android-based system; however, it may be heavily modified to match PlayStation's aesthetic.

Following this revelation, the Reddit community has expressed a range of responses, from excitement and curiosity to outright disappointment. Accordingly, many users have theorized about the benefits and potential drawbacks of the new device running on Android.

Notably, the discussion quickly turned towards battery life concerns, given the possibility of running games natively through Android. User u/AyoadeNBN notes, "Running games natively through Android will probably drain the battery life quickly. Considering streaming only lasts 3-4 hours."

Redditor u/Kaladinar sees the situation differently, suggesting, "The point wouldn't be to run games natively through Android. It would be to install other cloud gaming applications such as GeForce NOW." For those uninitiated, Sony's Project Q is intended to stream games from a PlayStation 5 console over Wi-Fi using Remote Play.

Among the criticisms was a longing for a more traditional, portable PlayStation system. "It's sad. I would rather have a portable Playstation," commented u/Rudolf1448. Yet other users noted the ease of implementing Android and the possibility of leveraging Android emulators to achieve a similar experience.

Project Q's design also appears to be a contentious topic, with u/OVODON calling the actual photos "a bit jarring" compared to previous mock-ups but willing to overlook this aspect if the device is comfortable to use.

While some users are contemplating potential modifications to the device, others are flatly rejecting the product in favor of older PlayStation portable models. Reddit user u/PSFanThrowaway strongly preferred the Vita 2000 model, stating, "You couldn't pay me to buy this."

Whether this supposed Android-based device will meet gamers' expectations or fall flat on its face remains to be seen. For now, it seems that Project Q's foray into the portable gaming market is off to a rocky start.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on unverified leaked images and associated commentary. The details regarding Project Q are speculative and may not reflect the actual product. As with all leaks, this information should be treated with caution until confirmed by the manufacturer.