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When Does Pokémon GO Season Of Hidden Gems Start: Release Date, Time & Countdown

Life's a beach as summer is here, and so is the Pokémon GO Hidden Gems season, with old friends returning and plenty of beach activities.
When Does Pokémon GO Season Of Hidden Gems Start: Release Date, Time & Countdown

As we move into the summer months, Niantic has unveiled the next season of Pokémon GO, aptly titled Hidden Gems. Not many details have been announced yet, aside from datamined information; however, it appears that Trainers will be spending ample time under the sun with their Buddy Pokémon and friends.

We can also expect plenty of new events, more Community Day dates added, and debuting Pokémon alongside the upcoming Pokémon GO Fest and Anniversary celebrations. As for when it will be launching, we have all the information on the release date and time and a countdown timer for the Pokémon GO Season of Hidden Gems.

1st June 2023 Update: The Pokémon GO Season of Hidden Gems has officially arrived to Pokémon GO, featuring new content, debuting Pokémon, and more rewards to earn. The original reporting continues below.

Pokémon GO Season Of Hidden Gems: Release Date & Time

Developer Niantic unveiled the theme and title of the forthcoming season for Pokémon GO, which coincides with the summer season. The Season of Hidden Gems was revealed on 29th May 2023 via the Pokémon GO social media channels, as the warm weather and beach-like activities are coming soon in-game.

Hidden Gems will begin immediately on 1st June 2023 at 10 am local time following the end of the Season of Rising Heroes. The developer has released a teaser trailer that shows a few Pokémon helping Trainers "uncover what lies beneath the surface."

This may theorize we could see plenty of Water-type Pokémon appearing more frequently in wild and Raid encounters, with the possibility of new Pokémon debuts occurring in-game. This may have seemingly been confirmed by a social media post featuring Marill, Shellder, and Krabby, as many Trainers speculate that Sandygast may debut during this season.

pokemon go season guide hidden gems promo artwork water-type
A few familiar Water-type Pokémon are set to appear throughout the Hidden Gems season, including Marill, Shellder, and Krabby. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

The trailer video also features the Fighting-type Pokémon Lucario, which leads us to believe that an event revolving around its Evolution line could occur sometime this season. As for when it will likely be announced closer to the season launch, we'll update once more information becomes available.

Some Pokémon GO dataminers, including PoGo Central, rumored that a treasure-themed Special Research would be added with the upcoming season to tie in with the Hidden Gems theme. Additionally, this season will overlap with the next Anniversary event set to take place in early July, so Trainers will have plenty of more reasons to celebrate the summer season.

Pokémon GO Season Of Hidden Gems Countdown Timer

As mentioned before, the Season of Hidden Gems is set to begin on 1st June 2023 at 10 am local time in-game. Trainers have until then to complete the remaining activities, finish the season's Field Research and claim the current Seasonal Special Research story, Let's GO.

There might be an update available to install before the start of the Hidden Gems season, for which you can check with your dedicated app store for more information. Nevertheless, you can bookmark this guide and check it for the latest updates, and we've provided the official countdown timer to the launch of Pokémon GO Season of Hidden Gems below:

Pokémon GO Season Of Hidden Gems Launch
1 days, 21:50:56

The Season of Hidden Gems will begin on 1st June 2023 at 10 am local time for Pokémon GO on mobile devices. This season reportedly ends on 1st September 2023 at 10 am local time.