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How To Get Coins In Pokémon GO

What is the easiest way to get coins in Pokémon GO?
How To Get Coins In Pokémon GO

PokéCoins allows Trainers to acquire various items from Poké Balls, Incubators, Lure Modules, Raid, and Battle Passes. Additionally, they can be spent on increasing your Bag, Storage, and Postcard Pages, and they can also be used to acquire a Team Medallion to switch Teams in-game.

As these are highly valuable amongst Trainers, you can earn them in-game in various ways, including from the recently launched Pokémon GO Web Store. This guide explains everything about PokéCoins, including how to earn the bonus PokéCoins for Pokémon GO.

How To Get PokéCoins In Pokémon GO

PokéCoins are the primary in-game currency that Trainers use to purchase or redeem items from the in-game Shop. This currency can also be used when buying items from the recently launched Pokémon GO Web Store and can be earned in a few ways.

One of the ways you can get PokéCoins is by leaving your Pokémon at your Team's Gym to defend it against other Trainers and Teams. After selecting your Team's Gym and choosing which Pokémon with full health and the best DEF stats you want to defend, you can start earning PokéCoins.

pokemon go features guide pokecoins how to get how to get defend gyms
You can earn PokéCoins by leaving your Pokémon at a Team's Gym for a time period. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

In terms of how much PokéCoins can be earned depends on the length of your Pokémon remains at the Team's Gym; however, you could earn a PokéCoin for every ten minutes it stays at the Gym. To get the maximum amount of 50 PokéCoins, your Pokémon must stay at the Gym for 500 minutes or eight hours and 20 minutes before getting kicked out of the Gym.

This will force you to think cautiously about which Pokémon you want to place at a Gym, as you may need a powerful Pokémon to use in Raids. Also, to ensure that your Pokémon survives the day at the Gym, you can feed it Berries to heal it should you be close by.

pokemon go features guide pokecoins how to get how to get pokemon go web store bonus coins
Purchase any PokéCoin bundle from the Pokémon GO Web Store to earn bonus coins to spend. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Another way to earn PokéCoins is to buy them from the in-game Shop or via the Pokémon GO Web Store, although, as mentioned, you can't use PokéCoins to buy more PokéCoins. Instead, you must spend real-world money based on your local currency or region to buy PokéCoins, available in various bundles.

Niantic has advised Trainers to only buy PokéCoins from the Pokémon GO game or the Web Store as you may get scammed for your money. The developer could punish you if you buy PokéCoins, so we recommend buying PokéCoins in-game or from the Web Store only.

How To Get Bonus PokéCoins In Pokémon GO

With the Pokémon GO Web Store's launch on 24th May 2023, Niantic is offering the opportunity for Trainers to earn bonus PokéCoins. After logging into the Pokémon GO Web Store using your preferred sign-in method, you can purchase any available PokéCoin bundles from which you can earn additional PokéCoins.

Below, we've listed all the PokéCoin bundles and the bonus coins to be earned when bought from the Pokémon GO Web Store:

  • 1,260 PokéCoins: 60 bonus coins
  • 2,650 PokéCoins: 150 bonus coins
  • 5,600 PokéCoins: 400 bonus coins
  • 15,500 PokéCoins: 1,000 bonus coins

Don't forget that Niantic and their "authorized global distributor" have approved specific payment options to make purchases using real-world money. These options include American Express, Cash App, Discover, Maestro, Mastercard, and Visa; however, any other payment option not listed could still be functional at the Checkout.