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Best Blaziken Build For Pokemon Unite

Blaziken is the new firey Pokemon in Pokemon Unite and we go over the best build possible for it here.
Best Blaziken Build For Pokemon Unite

Blaziken is one of the newest Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Unite. Coming in as a premiere All-Rounder, this Pokemon is not for the faint of heart. Players need to make sure they hit their combos or their damage output might be lacking. But if players are confident, Blaziken is a Pokemon that rewards those willing to become skilled in its moveset.

But to really see the benefits of Blaziken, players need to utilse the best build for this Pokemon. In this guide, we'll go over the best Build for Blaziken in Pokemon Unite.

Best Items For Blaziken In Pokemon Unite

The true power of Blaziken comes out with what Held Items players decide to use with it. For Blaziken, we recommend using the Attack Weight, Razor Claw, and Weakness Policy. Blaziken is a physical attacker, which means it will score a lot of points. That is why the Attack Weight is nearly essential for it.

If players want to maximize the damage from their moves, then using the Razor Claw will help. The Weakness Policy is great for players who want to keep up the momentum even after getting attacked. Overall, players will want to maximize how much damage their moves can do so they can overwhelm their opponents with Blaziken.

Best Blaziken Build Pokemon Unite
The choice of items on Blaziken matters a lot due to its rotating moves in Pokemon Unite. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)

Best Battle Item For Blaziken In Pokemon Unite

Because players do not have to worry about choosing Blaziken's moves in Pokemon Unite, the focus should be maximizing the damage output through its items. For Blaziken, using the Full Heal is important. Full Heal will purge stuns and debuffs that are currently afflicting Blaziken.

The goal with this Pokemon is to make sure that a combo can be completed. With the above choice of items, Blaziken should maximize its damage outputs from the moveset that it has. If players want more longevity to make sure Blaziken can survive a fight, replace either the Weakness Policy or Razor Claw with an Aeos Cookie or Focus Band. We do not recommend removing the Attack Weight so Blaziken can still increase its damage while scoring points.