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Best Zacian Build For Pokemon Unite

Our build guide is designed to help players become even better at using Zacian in Pokemon Unite.
Best Zacian Build For Pokemon Unite

Zacian is currently one of the most popular Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. Zacian is one of the most popular All-Rounder Pokemon that is available in the current meta. This Pokemon is not only strong, but it is also very durable. On top of that, Zacian is overall not too difficult to use thanks to its abilities and move set.

Not only is Zacian one of the strongest All-Rounders in Pokemon Unite, but it is also one of the best Pokemon in the game. If players need a good starting point in learning Pokemon Unite, Zacian is a great one. That is why we are here to go over the best build for Zacian so players can jump right into the action.

Best Build For Zacian In Pokemon Unite

The most important move for Zacian in Pokemon Unite is Agility. This move will allow Zacian to quickly get into fights without enemies expecting it. Because of Agility, Zacian can do damage faster and hit harder. On top of that, Agility will remove any hindrances that Zacian currently has to allow it to go at top speed.

The second move players should use with Zacian is Sacred Sword. Sacred Sword will hit enemies at a 360-degree radius around Zacian. Zacian will become unstoppable and will even get reduced damage as well. On top of that, enemies hit with this move cannot act for .2 seconds which could make the difference between winning and losing fights.

Pokemon Unite Best Zacian Build
Zacian is a Pokemon that will majorly threaten opponents in Pokemon Unite with the right build. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)

Best Items For Zacian In Pokemon Unite

The only problem with Zacian is that it is forced to use the Rusted Sword Held Item, which does nothing for it. So, there is not much room for experimentation. But we recommend both the Muscle Band and Attack Weight. Attack Weight is fantastic because, as a physical attacker, Zacian is constantly scoring points, so it will stack more power.

Muscle Band is also nice because whenever Zacian attacks a Pokemon and its HP goes down, the damage Zacian does increases. Both combined will mean that Zacian will stack up attack stats very quickly. We also recommend using the X Speed Battle Item as well. This Battle Item will make Zacian faster for 5 seconds. Combine that with Agility, and Zacian can easily rush down opponents. Just remember to stick to the Jungle, and Zacian will dominate the field.

Pokemon Unite Zacian Build
Scoring points will be essential to making Zacian stronger in Pokemon Unite with our build. (Picture: The Pokemon Company)