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Azumarill added to Pokémon Unite

Azumarill has been added to Pokemon Unite, catch up on everything you need to know about its abilities and how to get your hands on the Pokemon.
Azumarill added to Pokémon Unite

The newest addition to the Pokemon Unite roster is the dual Water/Fairy type Pokemon Azumarill, recently added to the popular Pokemon title.

Azumarill is described as a "melee all-rounder" suggesting that the Pokemon will do well in a wide variety of battles and find a spot on many players' teams. The Pokemon boasts a new special ability and moves that impact its stats.

How To Get Azumarill - Pokemon Unite

Players can purchase Azumarill's Unite license from the United Battle Committee Shop. (Image: In-game screenshot)

To obtain Azumarill, players should go to the United Battle Committee shop and purchase the Pokemon by buying the Azumarill Unite license.

Players will need to purchase a license from the store using Aeos Gems or Aeos Coins to unlock almost any character in Pokemon Unite. Trainers can earn Aeos Coins over time through gameplay or purchase Aeos Gems with real-world money.

Because players must purchase strong new characters like Azumarill, some players have accused Pokemon Unite of being a pay-to-win game.

Azumarill Moves - Pokemon Unite

Azumarill's abilities focus on melee damage, and allow the Pokemon to attack multiple enemies at once. (Image: In-game screenshot)

Azumarill is the evolution of Marill, and therefore comes with upgraded versions of Marill's attacks.

Marill comes with Bubble and Tackle; Azumarill can upgrade these to Whirlpool or Aqua Tail and Play Rough or Water Pulse respectively. Azumarill can upgrade Bubble at level 5 and Tackle at level 7.

Azumarill also comes with its own unique special power. Azumarill's special ability is called Huge Power; Huge Power strengthens Azumarill across the board, turning every hit into a critical hit. If Azumarill hits two or more Pokemon at once, though, it cannot land a critical hit.

Azumarill's Unite Move is called Belly Bash. Belly Bash causes Azumarill to lose HP but will increase attack stats. After a few turns, Azumarill will use Belly Bash to dash, allowing the Pokemon to deal damage to all opposing Pokemon.

Because Azumarill's attacks allow it to deal damage to multiple enemies and land critical hits, the Pokemon is great at inflicting damage over time but isn't the best option for players trying to land a one-hit KO.

That's all you need to know about Azumarill and its debut in Pokemon Unite! Want to stay up to date with the news and make sure you never miss a release in Pokemon Unite? Keep up to date with our dedicated Pokemon section for more content!


Featured image courtesy of The Pokemon Company.