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Players unhappy with Pokémon GO changes to Rare Candy

Pokemon GO has made some changes to the way it distributes Rare Candy, and players aren't happy with the results thus far.
Players unhappy with Pokémon GO changes to Rare Candy

Niantic announced changes to the Pokemon GO Rare Candy system on the Niantic Support Twitter account on 8th April 2022. With the changes, players will receive less Rare Candy from raids and more from Battle League battles.

Many players immediately expressed their discontent with the changes, since most players believe they will receive less Rare Candy overall after the change. Other players believe that Niantic is pushing too hard for players to play PvP.

Here are the changes to Rare Candy in Pokemon GO and exactly what players are saying.

Pokemon GO Rare Candy changes

Pokemon GO's changes to Rare Candy will allow players to receive Rare Candy through gifts. (Image: Niantic)

Niantic first announced the change to Rare Candy on their Twitter account, and, unsurprisingly, Twitter is also where many users came to express their frustration with the changes.

"Trainers, we're tuning the opportunities to obtain Rare Candy in the game," Niantic's announcement post read. "Rare Candy chances will be slightly decreased in Raiding and slightly increased in GO Battle League, and you can now obtain Rare Candies in Gifts."

Though Rare Candy is now available in Gifts, players can only receive one Rare Candy per ten gifts, and even then, it's not certain to appear.

Many trainers found the changes to be unfair and inconvenient. While Niantic referred to the process as "tuning in...opportunities to obtain Rare Candy," most saw it as a major nerf rather than a positive change.

"It honestly doesn’t surprise me at this point, but it still utterly disgusts me and fills me with concern for the player base as it seems like Niantic truly doesn’t care what the community thinks despite their empty statements and promises in the past," content creator CrasherTalks&More said on YouTube. "We have Rare Candies now being nerfed regarding how you obtain them."

While Rare Candies will be less common in raids, they'll be more common in the Battle League. (Image: Niantic)

Another player pointed out that PvP is on the decline in Pokemon GO, and Niantic's push to get players to participate in PvP may contribute to trainers' discontent with the change.

Some are chiming in suggesting it was an unnecessary change as most don't play PvP enough to justify the move, and that rares were some of the only worthwhile rewards from raids. We'll keep monitoring the situation but the early returns certainly don't look promising.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.