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Best starter Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Trainers will have to pick between three adorable Pokémon: Cyndaquil, Oshawott and Rowlett.
Best starter Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus is the prequel to Pokémon Brilliant Pearl and Diamond games. Both games are set in the same location or region; however, they are known by two different names. In Arceus, the region is called Hisui, but it was later renamed "Sinnoh" in the Brilliant games.

The story of Arceus tells of a time when humans and Pokémon could not co-exist; therefore, the game will be an excellent introduction to many game features, including the Arceus Mystery Gift Feature, to unlock and a host of new Pokémon.

Trainers will start their journey in an unfamiliar region and need to equip themselves with the best starting Pokémon. Similarly to other Pokémon games, Trainers will have to pick their companion Pokémon from one of three types: Fire, Water or Grass.

This guide will look at the three starter Pokémon, their final evolution forms, base stats, and Pokémon types.

How to choose the best starter Pokémon in Arceus

Arceus is different from other Pokémon games because Trainers can only choose one Pokémon for each playthrough. So, let's look at the three starter Pokémon in Arceus and which will be the best to start your first playthrough.

Trainers will have the option to select between the following Pokémon:

  • Fire-type: Cyndaquil
  • Water-type: Oshawott
  • Grass/Flying-type: Rowlett.

As many Trainers will be thinking the best long-term strategy when picking their starter Pokémon, it's important to consider the Pokémon's evolution forms and respective stats.


pokemon legends arceus starter pokemon cyndaquil
Cyndaquil is the mouse Fire-type Pokémon Trainers can choose as a starter Pokémon. (Picture: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

According to the Pokémon website Smogon, Cyndaquil's final evolution, Typhlosion, edges out the competition based on its high base Speed and Special ATK stats.

While Cyndaquil shares similar base HP stats with Decidueye (Rowlett's final evolution), it has the weakest ATK base stats.

Additionally, since it is a Fire-type Pokémon, Cyndaquil and its evolutions are vulnerable to Ground, Rock and Water-type Pokémon.


pokemon legends arceus starter pokemon oshawott
Oshawott is the otter Water-type Pokémon Trainers can choose as a starter Pokémon. (Picture: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

Oshawott's final evolution form, Samurott, has the best HP and DEF base stats and solid Special ATK stats.

However, the Water-type Pokémon has weak Speed and Special DEF with moderate ATK stats that surpasses Typhlosion by comparison. Followingly, Oshawott is weaker against Electric and Grass-type Pokémon.


pokemon legends arceus starter pokemon rowlett
Rowlett is the owl Grass/Flying-type Pokémon Trainers can choose as a starter Pokémon. (Picture: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

Decidueye, Rowlett's final evolution, may have the weakest DEF and Special ATK stats between the three Pokémon; however, it has the best ATK and Special DEF stats despite having slightly weaker HP and Speed stats.

Since Rowlett is a duel-type in nature, it's vulnerable to Dark, Fire, Ghost, Ice and Flying-type Pokémon.

As of writing, we don't know much about the game's format or which Pokémon that Trainers might encounter in the game's early stages. Indeed, this does make it hard to determine which of the starter Pokémon confers the greatest advantage.

Which is the best starter Pokémon?

Based on final evolution stats and considering each Pokémon's strengths and weaknesses, Rowlett would make the better Pokémon to start the game. Decidueye boasts relatively moderate HP and Speed base stats as its final evolution and high ATK and Special DEF base stats.

pokemon legends arceus starter pokemon evolved forms stats compariosn smogon
Based on the final evolved forms for the starter Pokémon, Rowlett's duel-type makes it the best starter Pokémon choice. (Picture: Nintendo & Smogon)

Rowlett stands out compared to Cyndaquil and Oshawott because of its dual type of Grass/Flying and Grass/Ghost when it evolved to Decidueye. This gives the Pokémon more chances of learning new moves, making it the better starter Pokémon choice.

Selecting a starter Pokémon can be a daunting task for many Trainers, especially since Arceus provides three incredible options for Trainers to choose from. But, ultimately, they will be left to decide which adorable companion would fit their playstyle when travelling across the Hisui region.


Featured image courtesy of Nintendo / The Pokémon Company.