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Pokémon GO Element Cup - Best Picks, Rules, And More

Use the best picks for the Element Cup in the Pokémon GO Battle League to conquer the three basic element types.
Pokémon GO Element Cup - Best Picks, Rules, And More

Trainers head back to the basics with the Element Cup in the Pokémon GO Battle League. Season 11 of the League has brought in a few new Cups for everyone to try, but the Element version has been tried before and it garnered plenty of popularity.

While some Cups like the Great League Remix focus on small meta changes, the Element Cup shakes up the whole formula for what can be used. It's similar to the Little Cup, but the options are even more limited. Trainers will need to rely on Fire, Water, and Grass-types to take down opponents and claim their ranks.

What are the rules of the Element Cup in Pokémon GO?

Element Cup
The Element Cup returns in the Season of GO. (Picture: Niantic)

As the name suggests, the Element Cup is focused on the three basic elements in general. Fire, Water, and Grass-types are the only Pokémon that are allowed to enter the Cup. These are the three types that define the starters in every generation of mainline Pokémon games and they are some of the most powerful options for this Cup.

Another rule for the Element Cup is the CP limit itself. You can only use Pokémon that are at 500 CP or lower, so that severely limits the options that can be used for your team. This is the reason why saving low CP picks with great stats is always a good idea for Trainers who like to battle in PvP.

The last major rule is tied to the ability to evolve. Only Pokémon that can evolve but haven't can enter the Cup. Picks like Lapras, for example, are not allowed to enter even if they match the 500 CP limit. The rule allows each pick to be a bit more evenly matched.

Keep in mind that dual-type Pokémon are still allowed. Salandit is a Fire and Poison-type option that anyone can use and is a top pick. As long as they have one of the three main types, they can be used in the Element Cup.

The best picks for the Pokémon GO Element Cup

Season 11
Season 11 has more on the way for the GO Battle League. (Picture: Niantic)

Considering each of the three main elements essentially cancels each other out, the options for a good team are fairly diverse. But Fire-types will fall short compared to Grass and Water-types. Aside from Vulpix and Salandit, they are fairly weak. You can find eight of the best picks for the Element Cup and their best moves below.

  • Salandit - Poison Jab (Fast) and Poison Fang / Flamethrower (Charged)
  • Chinchou - Spark (Fast) and Thunderbolt / Bubble Beam (Charged)
  • Bulbasaur - Vine Whip (Fast) and Sludge Bomb / Seed Bomb (Charged)
  • Ducklett - Wing Attack (Fast) and Bubble Beam / Brave Bird (Charged)
  • Seel - Ice Shard (Fast) and Aqua Tail / Icy Wind (Charged)
  • Chikorita - Vine Whip (Fast) and Grass Knot / Body Slam (Charged)
  • Cottonee - Charm (Fast) and Seed Bomb / Grass Knot (Charged)
  • Vulpix - Quick Attack (Fast) and Body Slam / Fire Weather Ball (Charged)

In general, many of the options on this list will be just as effective or even better with a Shadow effect. Stat-wise, the difference isn't too large unless you choose something like Exeggute where only Shadows should be used. Also, make sure to use a good mix of each element and have a good lead to burn shields at the start of a match. Good luck against other players in the Element Cup.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.