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Pokémon GO Fighting Cup - Best Picks, Rules, And More

Find out which picks are the best for your Fighting Cup team in the Pokémon GO Battle League.
Pokémon GO Fighting Cup - Best Picks, Rules, And More

The Fighting Cup is one of the latest additions to the Pokémon GO Battle League. With the World Championship that begins on August 18, Fighting-types will be thrown into the spotlight to duke it out in PvP.

From August 17 to August 24, all Trainers can jump into the Fighting Cup marked with a red fist for a logo. The Great League will also be available if you get tired of the specific ruleset for the new Cup, but it's only here for so long. This guide will outline all the best picks you need to win and the rules for the event.

Best Picks For Fighting Cup in Pokémon GO

Fighting Cup
Gather your best Fighting-types to get the upper hand. (Picture: Niantic)

As long as you are using a Fighting-type Pokémon, they can be entered into your team for this Cup. The only type that isn't allowed is a dual-type is Psychic for good reason. Below you'll find eight of the best picks and their most effective moves.

  • Hakamo-o - Dragon Tail (Fast) and Dragon Claw / Brick Break (Charged)
  • Buzzwole - Counter (Fast) and Superpower / Lunge (Charged)
  • Toxicroak - Counter (Fast) and Mud Bomb / Sludge Bomb
  • Machamp - Counter (Fast) and Cross Chop / Close Combat (Charged)
  • Sneasler - Shadow Claw (Fast) and Close Combat / Aerial Ace (Charged)
  • Sirfetch'd - Counter (Fast) and Leaf Blade / Brave Bird (Charged)
  • Kommo-o - Dragon Tail (Fast) and Close Combat / Dragon Claw (Charged)
  • Throh - Zen Headbutt (Fast) and Body Slam / Focus Blast (Charged)

Many of the options on this list are really hard to get in Pokémon GO. Buzzwole is incredibly rare for the time being, Kommo-o is one of the rarest egg hatches, and even Sneasler is exclusive to the Hisuian events. The good news is that classic picks like Machamp and Throh are still great for the Fighting Cup.

What are the rules for the Fighting Cup in Pokémon GO?

World Championship
The World Championship means more content for PvP. (Picture: Niantic)

Rules for this Cup are simple and consistent with competitive events. The CP is set at a maximum of 1,500, which places it at the same level as the Great League. In general, the Great League is the most competitive, and it's what most of the Pokémon GO World Championship will focus on.

Another major rule for the Cup is, of course, typing. Every pick must be a Fighting-type. Dual types are still allowed, but they won't be allowed if the Fighting-type is absent. Psychic types are the only other type that is banned from the Cup. 

Those are the only rules you'll need to keep track of in the event. Otherwise, grab your best Fighting-types and get ready to brawl with other Trainers in PvP.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.