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How To Catch Xurkitree In Pokémon GO

Xurkitree is the final of the four new Ultra Beasts to arrive in Pokémon GO, and Trainers can start to expand their beast collection in August.
How To Catch Xurkitree In Pokémon GO

Ultra Beasts have been the main attraction for the Season of GO and Xurkitree happens to be the fourth addition in the full lineup added to Pokémon GO. Each GO Fest in-person event introduced its own Ultra Beast and the Sapporo event finally brought the Glowing Pokémon to the Pokédex.

So far, Ultra Beasts like Xurkitree have been fairly exclusive, unlike most of the Legendary debuts in the game. Only Nihilego has been available in raids so far, and even that raid event only lasted for a day. But that is about to change as the Season of GO reaches the finale, and catching a Xurkitree will be far easier.

Pokémon GO - How to catch Xurkitree

Season of GO
The Season of GO is based around Ultra Beasts. (Picture: Niantic)

Pokémon GO Fest Sapporo is live and Xurkitree is part of the event as an official debut for the Ultra Beast collection. There were reports of the Glowing Pokémon appearing in previous GO Fest events, but these were not official catches or sightings. Sapporo is the first chance to catch the Electic-type Ultra Beast for yourself.

During the in-person event, the way to catch Xurkitree is by completing the Special Research for that weekend. In this case, the tickets are expensive and you'll need to be in Sapporo specifically to complete the challenges. But for anyone in that area, you will get a Xurkitree encounter at the end of the Special Research.

For most Trainers in Pokémon GO, all these exclusive Ultra Beasts have been disappointing, to say the least. But not all hope is lost. This month, all of the Ultra Beasts that have been introduced will make a return in the Season of GO finale event.

August is the final month of the Season of GO and that means a culmination of the main theme is around the corner. Nihilego, Buzzwole, Pheremosa, and Xurkitree will all be available globally. Based on current information, you'll need a ticket to participate in the event. Anyone who paid for GO Fest 2022 will already have access.

GO Fest Sapporo is the first official debut for Xurkitree. (Picture: Niantic)

Ultra Beasts haven't been known to appear as wild encounters so far. When the final event goes live, they will likely rotate in and out of raids. You'll need some strong teams and plenty of raid passes in order to get the Pokémon you want. If you do complete a successful raid, you'll utilize the new Ultra Beast Balls to catch the Generation VII Pokémon.

With any luck, some of them will be available as encounters in Special Research, but like many details in the event, we'll have to wait until more challenges are revealed.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.