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Pokémon Unite Buzzwole Build – Best Moveset, Held And Battle Items

Flex off and lunge your way to victory with the best build, including the best moves, Held, and Battle Items for Buzzwole in Pokémon Unite.
Pokémon Unite Buzzwole Build – Best Moveset, Held And Battle Items

Buzzwole is the second Pokémon introduced to Trainers, after Glaceon, as part of the Anniversary content update for Pokémon Unite. Its bulky physique and Bug-type abilities make this pocket monster a well-rounded choice for most playstyles.

Before Trainers can start battling with Buzzwole on Aeos Island, preparing for the battle ahead requires some knowledge and plenty of brute strength to dominate your opponents. This guide details the best Pokémon build, including moves, Held, and Battle Items, for Buzzwole in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite – Best Buzzwole Held and Battle Items

Buzzwole is categorized as an All-Rounder, boasting a relatively large build that utilizes attacks to destroy opponents with Area of Effect (AoE) damage or isolating opponents followed by hard-hitting moves. With this behemoth type of playstyles and sizeable strength, Trainers can either opt for a Jungler-type or Grappler/Wrestling-type builds

pokemon unite build guide buzzwole jungler grappler wrestling builds
Buzzwole's abilities and strength do well with the Jungler or Grappler/Wrestling builds. (Picture: TiMi Studio Group / The Pokémon Company)

As such, you'll want to equip Held and Battle Items that would work best for either build; however, there is no word on how Unite Emblems would factor for this build. So, while we'll be omitting them for the time being, below, we've recommended the following Held and Battle Items for Buzzwole:

Held Items:

  • Muscle Band: Buzzwole will inflict bonus damage using its basic attacks by 1/2/3% of the enemy's remaining HP.
  • Focus Band: Recover HP for every second for three seconds by 8/11/14% of all HP lost once your HP is below 25%
  • Weakness Policy: Receive an Attack buff of 2/2.5/3% for four seconds upon taking damage. This buff can stack a maximum of four times as the buff duration can be refreshed before it runs out.

The Muscle Band has become the standard Held Item to equip across multiple Unite builds as it allows your Pokémon to increase its damage output when using basic attacks. While the Focus Band will prolong Buzzwole's endurance rate by recovering as much HP as possible, it can be switched out for the Attack Weight if you're willing to swop endurance for increased attack stats.

The Weakness Policy Held Item doesn't get much prominence in builds as it doesn't work well for most Pokémon, but Buzzwole will benefit greatly. Primarily due to its stacking effect, you can effectively use it in conjunction with its passive ability, Beast Boost.

pokemon unite build guide buzzwole best held battle items
The best Held Item set-up for Buzzwole includes the Muscle Band. (Picture: TiMi Studio Group / The Pokémon Company)

Scope Lens and Razor Claw are alternate Held Items Trainers can swop out for Weakness Policy and Focus Band, respectively. This allows Buzzwole to inflict maximum burst damage, which accommodates well with its moveset due to its increased Critical Hit rates.

As for Battle Item, X-Attack will increase basic ATK speed by 25%, while ATK and Sp. ATK receives an increase of 20% for seven seconds. You can use this well before utilizing Buzzwole's passive ability to deal massive damage as quickly as possible.

Pokémon Unite – Best Buzzwole Moveset

As we've discussed earlier, Trainers can opt for a Jungler-type or Grappler/Wrestling-type build that would work best with Buzzwole's abilities and Held and Battle Items. Therefore, its moves must reflect either build but remain versatile for most playstyles.

Below, we have outlined the best moveset for Buzzwole in Pokémon Unite:

  • Levels 1&2: Mega Punch and Fell Stinger
  • Level 5: Superpower or Leech Life (Fell Stinger)
  • Level 7: SmackDown or Lunge (Mega Punch)
  • Unite Move: Ultra Swole Slam

Buzzwole's default moves, Mega Punch and Fell Stinger, can be learned at Levels 1 and 2 before upgrading either move at Levels 5 and 7. However, for burst damage, we advise upgrading the Fell Stinger to Superpower at Level 5 to stun and inflict damage to opponents by grabbing and slamming them into the ground and granting you an HP shield.

The damage will significantly increase based on the increases to its muscle gauge and, in turn, increase the rate of the HP shield. This pairs well with the item set-up, especially the Muscle Band and Weakness Policy items.

At Level 7, you can decide to upgrade the Mega Punch move to either Lunge or SmackDown based on your preferred playstyle and build. The former is best suited for the Jungler build as the Buzzwole can scale off its unique buffs, which decreases opponent Attack stats by 30% while increasing their muscle gauge and attack speed.

If you prefer harder-hitting attacks, upgrade Mega Punch to SmackDown, which lands an uppercut-like attack on opponents, triggering a follow-up move. This move will send the opponent to the ground, dealing AoE damage to nearby opponents and increasing your muscle gauge for every opponent hit.

We want to thank the YouTube channel CrisHeroes for the tutorial on the best build, moves, and items for Buzzwole for Pokémon Unite. You can subscribe to their channel for more amazing content.

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Featured image courtesy of TiMi Studio Group / The Pokémon Company.