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Pokémon Unite Buzzwole – Release Date, Time And How To Get

The Ultra Beast Bug-type Buzzwole has muscled its way to Pokémon Unite. Here's when it's available and how to get the Pokémon in-game.
Pokémon Unite Buzzwole – Release Date, Time And How To Get

Pokémon Unite celebrated its first anniversary in July 2022, which saw developer TiMi Studio Group announce three more Pokemon joining the popular MOBA game. Glaceon released with the Anniversary content update, and the subsequent addition, Buzzwole has recently descended onto Aeos Island.

This Ultra Beast-looking Pokémon has already appeared in previous entries like Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends: Arceus, and it's looking to make an impact in Pokémon Unite. We'll explain how Trainers can acquire this Bug-type pocket monster in Pokémon Unite.

Pokémon Unite Buzzwole – Release Date & Time

Muscling its way to the battle stadiums of Pokémon Unite, Buzzwole will be available to Trainers on 3rd August 2022, according to a developer blog post in July 2022. The developer made the Bug-type Pokémon live in-game according to a Twitter post at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET and 12 am GMT on 4th August 2022.

pokemon unite buzzwole bug-type all-rounder release date time
The All-Rounder Bug-type Pokémon, Buzzwole, is available in Pokémon Unite from 3rd August 2022. (Picture: TiMi Studio Group / The Pokémon Company)

Pokémon Unite Buzzwole – How To Get

Acquiring this Pokémon's Unite license is straightforward as you can head directly to the Unite Battle Committee store. It will, however, make a hole in your pockets as it will cost Trainers 12,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems for the transaction to be complete.

From the Pokémon Unite main menu, tap or click on the in-game store on the right side of the screen, highlighted by a shopping bag icon, and select Unite Battle Committee. You can purchase Unite licenses available within the store's menu, including Buzzwole and the recently released, Ice-type Pokémon Glaceon.

pokemon unite buzzwole bug-type all-rounder holowear tuxedo style
Buzzwole has a Holowear, Tuxedo Style, available for Trainers to acquire through the in-game store or via the limited-time offer. (Picture: TiMi Studio Group / The Pokémon Company)

Another way for Trainers to obtain the Pokémon is through a limited-time offer where you can purchase Buzzwole's Unite license with the Tuxedo Style: Buzzwole Holowear. This will set you back for 829 Aeos Gems for the pairing; however, this offer is available until 15th August 2022.

As of writing, it's yet to be determined if you can obtain Buzzwole's Unite license through any of the Anniversary events available in-game.

Generally, with new Pokémon, it's pretty rare for the developer to award Trainers with free Unite licenses, so it's expected that you'll be forking out Gems or Coins to purchase them and add them to your squad.

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Featured image courtesy of TiMi Studio Group / The Pokémon Company.