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Is Shiny Oddish in Pokémon GO?

One of the more popular Pokémon in the popular franchise, many players are now wondering if Shiny Oddish is in Pokémon GO.
Is Shiny Oddish in Pokémon GO?

The tiny root vegetable-looking Pokémon Oddish is a fan favorite thanks to its cute appearance and frequent inclusion in the series and games.

As such, many Pokémon GO players are curious about whether they can add the shiny edition of this little Pokémon to their party in the game.

Here's whether you can catch Shiny Oddish in Pokémon GO, and everything we know about how to go about capturing your own Shiny Oddish.

Is Shiny Oddish Available In Pokémon GO?

Players can capture their own Shiny Oddish in Pokémon GO. (Image: Pokémon GO screenshot)

If you're wondering about the popular Grass and Poison-type Pokémon, worry no more. Yes, Shiny Oddish is available in Pokémon GO for trainers to catch and add to their party!

The first 151 Pokémon - in other words, generation one Pokémon - all have shiny variants included in Pokemon GO, and Oddish is no exception.

Pokémon GO - How Can I Catch A Shiny Oddish?

Shiny Oddish spawn at higher rates during certain events. (Image: Pokémon GO)

One of the best ways to catch a Shiny Oddish is simply to just keep catching more Oddish in the wild. Each Pokémon you catch has a very small chance of being a Shiny, and there aren't any items or tricks you can do that will increase this chance.

Your chances will increase significantly if you're able to find a Community Day, Safari Zone Event, or other Pokémon GO event where Oddish is featured. During events like these, not only will Oddish spawn more often when it's featured, but they will often be more likely to be Shiny. Many of these events are virtual, too, so you won't have to travel in order to participate.

Starting today, 20th April, and lasting until 25th April 2022, players will be able to find Shiny Oddish more often thanks to the Pokémon GO Sustainability Week Event. Oddish isn't the only Pokémon that will become more common during this event, though, so trainers may need to put in some effort to find a Shiny Oddish.

You're probably glad to find out that you can, in fact, catch a Shiny Oddish in Pokémon GO! Be sure to try to catch a Shiny Oddish while their spawn rate is elevated. Good luck in your journey and in adding this coveted Pokémon to your party.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.