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Can Joltik Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? - Spotlight Hour

As the upcoming August 2022 Spotlight Hour approaches, let's check out if Joltik can be shiny or not in Pokémon GO.
Can Joltik Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? - Spotlight Hour

To match the theme of the Bug Out! event in Pokémon GO, Joltik will appear in the next August Spotlight Hour. Each spotlight feature has matched a theme this month, and it doesn't seem like Niantic plans on changing that trend as the Season of GO comes to a close.

Each Spotlight Hour brings up an important question though. Can the featured Pokémon be shiny, or in this case, can you catch a shiny Joltik in Pokémon GO? This August 2022 Spotlight Hour guide will go over whether you can get the shiny form you want during the Bug-type week or if you're out of luck.

August Spotlight Hour - Can Joltik Be Shiny in Pokémon GO

Pidove and Nidoran
Pidove and Nidoran will close out the August Spotlight Hours. (Picture: Niantic)

Most of the Bug-type Pokémon in the game have a shiny form at this point. Generations I and II have entirely shiny rosters which make most Spotlight Hour features obvious in terms of shiny chances. However, Joltik is one of the unlucky few that has no shiny form available in Pokémon GO.

Unfortunately, there will be no shiny form to look forward to when the Spotlight Hour begins at 6 pm local time on August 16. Adding shiny Joltik during the ongoing Bug Out! event would have been a perfect opportunity for the Attaching Pokémon, but Veniped got its first shiny form introduction instead.

There's really no telling when Joltik will get a shiny form either. Considering the Electric and Bug-type is from Generation V, there is no hope for a Tour event just yet. The Attaching Pokémon also only has one other for, known as Galvantula, so a Community Day introduction is likely out of the question.

Just like Veniped, Joltik will probably be saved for another random event as an incentive to jump into the action. GO Fest 2022's Finale is the next event where a shiny could be introduced, so we could see this shiny form to rest in late August if we're lucky.

Joltik and Voltorb
Both of these features had no shiny form to offer. (Picture: Niantic)

Despite no shiny Joltik appearing in the upcoming Spotlight Hour, there are still incentives to participate. The most obvious would be getting a new Galvantula or one that is suitable for the GO Battle League. Many Cups have Galvantula at a high rating.

For those that already have a good Galvantula though, the Spotlight Hour will have bonuses. During the hour, there will be 2x Candy for catching Pokémon. That's not very helpful for catching in the wild, but it can be used for reward encounters as well, so save those up for that 6 pm time on Tuesday.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.