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Can Venipede Be Shiny In Pokémon GO Bug Out Event?

Find out if Venipede has a shiny form available in Pokémon GO during the Bug Out! event within the Season of GO.
Can Venipede Be Shiny In Pokémon GO Bug Out Event?

August is full of huge events for Pokémon GO, and with the upcoming Bug Out! event this week, Venipede is one of the wild encounters at the forefront. As the name of the event suggests, this upcoming week in GO is based on Bug-type Pokémon from different generations.

This has been an annual event that takes place at some point each summer. Sometimes it goes live in early July, and other times, Trainers can participate just before the end of the season. Most events offer up the opportunity for a chance at some new shiny Pokémon, and the Bug Out! week is no different.

Pokémon GO Bug Out! Event - Can Venipede be Shiny?

Bug Out
Shiny Venipede will appear in the Bug Out! event. (Picture: Niantic)

Trainers can rest assured that shiny Venipede will certainly be available during the Bug Out Event in Pokémon GO. In fact, shiny Venipede will be making a debut that players haven't seen in the game until this point. The Centipede Pokémon has been available for a long time, but the shiny form hasn't.

This debut makes catching a shiny Venipede even more enticing during the Bug Out! Event. Those Trainers who are the first to get the new shade will have a fairly rare catch. Mega Scizor is another debut that Trainers will likely clamor to get their hands on through Mega Raids.

When you go looking for a shiny, whether it's Venipede or not, you'll want to keep the general odds in mind. Typical wild encounters give you a 1 in 500 chance of getting the chance to catch a shiny form. Community Day events will drastically change those odds in the wild, but that won't happen for Bug Out!

However, there are still some ways to increase those odds. First and foremost, defeating a Pokémon in a raid will give you a nearly 1 in 50 chance of a shiny. Venipede won't be part of the one-star raids, but others like Pineco will be, and they also have a shiny form.

Season of GO
The Season of GO is almost at an end. (Picture: Niantic)

Another way to increase the odds of a shiny is by simply increasing spawns. Using the Daily Incense, normal Incense Lures, and Lure Modules are easy ways to significantly increase spawns. During the Bug Out! event, there will also be spawns of featured Pokémon around a successful raid for a short period.

Even after the Bug-type event ends, the shiny form of Venipede will still remain and can be caught later. Trainers can participate in the event from August 10 to August 16. Afterward, we may have the final Season of GO event upon us.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.