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Pokémon GO Bug Out! Event - All Collection Challenges And Rewards

Learn all about the latest Collection Challenge from the Bug Out! event in Pokémon GO and the rewards that follow.
Pokémon GO Bug Out! Event - All Collection Challenges And Rewards

With the return of the Bug Out! event as the Season of GO nears its end, there's a brand new Collection Challenge to complete in Pokémon GO. Unlike the challenge from the Sapporo event last week, this collection set is going to be a good catch challenge for a lot of Trainers.

Bug Out! begins on August 10 and you'll have until August 16 to participate in the Bug-type party. During the week, there will be a set of Catch Challenges that accompany the Collection Challenge, so there's no shortage of content to complete.

But the collection aspect will require more effort, and this guide outlines the new challenge to make it a breeze.

All Bug Out! Collection Challenges & Rewards in Pokémon GO

Bug Out Collection
Earn another Elite Collector Badge for your medals. (Picture: Niantic)

Regardless of the event, Collection Challenges always have the same premise. Trainers are tasked with catching a set list of Pokémon that correspond to the theme of an event, just like Bug Out! this time around. As time has gone on in Pokémon GO, the challenges have received some additional modifiers.

One of the most common ones for this Bug-type event is the evolution modifier. Anytime you see the red evolution symbol on the list, that means the Pokémon must be evolved. In other events, trades were another modifier, but that's not a worry here. All of the required catches and evolutions are below.

Bug Out! Collection Challenge List:

  • Caterpie - Catch
  • Weedle - Catch
  • Wurmple - Catch
  • Grubbin (debut) - Catch
  • Dewpider - Catch
  • Joltik - Catch
  • Karrablast - Catch
  • Shelmet - Catch
  • Silcoon - Wurmple Evolution
  • Cascoon - Wurmple Evolution
  • Ariados - Spinarak Evolution
  • Ledian - Ledyba Evolution
  • Kricketune - Kicketot Evolution
  • Charjabug (debut) - Grubbin Evolution
  • Skorupi - Catch
  • Pineco - Catch
Mega Scizor
Mega Scizor will make its debut during the Bug Out! event. (Picture: Niantic)

Once you check each one of these on the list, you'll earn three significant rewards. Right away, you can expect 15,000 XP and the Bug Catcher pose for your avatar. The third reward is the expected Elite Collector Badge which will accumulate with past collections. You can see how many you've completed on the medal itself.

This challenge in particular doesn't have anything too advanced. Nearly all of the evolution entries on the list require 50 candies for a new form at most. Silcoon and Cascoon are randomized, so they could be the most frustrating, but Wurmple will be spawning all over the wild.

These challenges don't stick around after the event ends, so be sure to catch all of the Bug-type Pokémon you can before time runs out.

And that's all about the Pokemon Go Collection challenge and rewards. For more awesome content, check out our section dedicated to Pokémon GO, news, guides, updates, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Niantic.