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How to catch Shiny Binacle in Pokémon GO

With the Waterfest live in Pokémon GO, players will want to know how to catch Shiny Pokemon Binacle who is now in the wild.
How to catch Shiny Binacle in Pokémon GO

Waterfest went live for the Season of Alola in Pokémon GO, and along with Dewpider, Shiny Binacle is making its debut in the mobile game. As we all know though, catching any kind of shiny Pokémon can be a difficult endeavor full of plenty of trial and error.

Binacle was introduced in the Spring of 2021 when Sustainability Week was introduced to the game. That means Barbaracle and its counterpart have been available for around one year, but the shiny form is new. Considering Binacle is now one of the major wild additions during the Water Fest, now is a fantastic time to try for a shiny.

Pokémon GO - How to catch a Shiny Binacle

Binacle Shiny Pokemon GO
The shiny version debuts in the Season of Alola. (Picture: Niantic)

Catching any kind of Shiny in Pokémon GO, including Shiny Binacle, will come down to a ton of luck and potential time. There are some Shiny Pokémon that are guaranteed through completing Special Research, but those are few and far between.

The best way to get any kind of Shiny in Pokémon GO is to increase the amount of a specific Pokémon that you encounter. When something like Water Fest is live for example, Binacle will appear around the wild. Using lures and Poké Stop lures in tandem will ensure that plenty appears, especially in crowded areas.

When a Pokémon like Binacle is part of the lineup in an event, they will also have a chance to appear as a Shiny in field research rewards. These encounters typically have a higher probability for a Shiny and better stats are nearly guaranteed.

As you go on the search for a Shiny, there is no need to catch every Pokémon that you see. Simply tapping on them in the wild and starting the encounter will tell you whether the Pokémon is Shiny or not. If your Pokemon Binacle happens to be shiny, the color scheme will be green and pink.

Pokémon GO - How to evolve Binacle

pokemon go binacle week
Earn 50 candy to evolve your own Binacle. (Picture: Niantic)

While you continue your quest for a Shiny Binacle, you're going to rack up all the candy that you need. The next evolution of this Pokémon is Barbaracle, and there are no other forms afterward. That means only 50 candy is needed to get that final form.

Some newer Pokémon will have requirements alongside collecting all of the candy needed. In this case, there is nothing special, and as long as you have the resources in your inventory, you can have any Barbaracle at any time.


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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.