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Pokémon GO Battle League Season 6: Love and Kanto Cup dates, rewards, and more

The new season of the Pokémon GO Battle League has begun, and Niantic announced a bunch of details of more events and tournaments to complement this ranked season.
Pokémon GO Battle League Season 6: Love and Kanto Cup dates, rewards, and more

Season 6 of the Pokémon GO Battle League, the world ranking system among the mobile game trainers from around the world, has begun.

With this, Niantic has announced the new tournaments for the coming weeks, which will be based around Valentine's day and the beginning of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. Here we bring you all the details.

Pokémon GO Battle League Season 6: Love Cup

Pokemon Go Season 6 love cup
(Picture: Niantic)

Starting with the Love Cup, which will run from 8-15th February. This will have a very curious format but very much in line with the theme of Valentine's Day.

For this competition, only red or pink Pokémon with 1,500 CP or less will be allowed to participate. As always, legendary and mythical Pokémon will not be eligible to enter.

The list of eligible Pokémon is more than diverse, with more than 90 different Pokémon, including the initial Pokémon from each of the regions of the Pokémon world, as well as well-known picks such as Scizor, Milotic, Scolipede, among others.

You can check out the full list of eligible Pokémon through Niantic's blog.

Pokémon GO Battle League Season 6: Kanto Cup and new updates

Pokemon Go Love Cup
(Picture: Niantic)

A week after this, the Kanto Cup will arrive, which will run from 22nd February to the 1st of March. The CP limit for this cup will be 1,500, and only Pokémon with a Pokédex number between 001 and 151 (meaning just Kanto’s original Pokémon) will be allowed.

Going a little back, the introduction of Seasons during the Beyond update brought exciting changes to the GO Battle League, which went from 10 to 24 ranks, with the top four ranks having all-new names and corresponding badges.

With these changes, the expanded ranks are also accompanied by a totally new reward structure, which gives Trainers more opportunities to earn exclusive rewards through ranking up.

To give a bigger push towards this Battle League season, Niantic also announced some rewards for those in the high tiers, with rank 19 players receiving an Elite Charged TM, and those with rank 20 and beyond getting a guaranteed Frillish encounter, a Pokémon which had its debut on the game recently.

Pokemon Go Kanto Cup
(Picture: Niantic)

Aside from this, some other tournaments will take place during the following weeks, which will help those players in low and mid-tiers to rank up faster towards as Season 6 draws to a close.

  • The Ultra League and its Premier Cup, running from 25th January to the 8th February. 
  • The Master League, its Premier Cup, Master League Classic, and a to-be-announced special cup, running from 8-15th February.
  • A second run of the Great, Ultra and Master Leagues, and the Ultra League Premier Cup, running from 15-22nd February.

Pokémon Go Season 6, the Season of Celebration, ends on Monday, 1st March 2021.