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Pokémon GO: Johto’s region celebration and Sneasel’s Limited Research

Niantic is closing January in a big way, releasing a new thematic event around the Johto region alongside special missions with Sneasel as the protagonist.
Pokémon GO: Johto’s region celebration and Sneasel’s Limited Research

The new themed event based on different Pokémon regions is now available in Niantic's mobile game, Pokémon GO, with the latest edition being focused on Johto, setting that featured second-generation monsters.

From 26th January at 10:00 AM to 31st January at 8:00 PM local time, players will have bigger chances of catching and getting Pokémon from the second generation. the featured Pokémon for this event are:

  • Chikorita

  • Cyndaquil

  • Totodile

  • Mareep

  • Hoppip

  • Aipom

  • Sunkern

  • Yanma

  • Murkrow

  • Gligar

  • Snubbull

  • Slugma

  • Miltank

In addition to this, there will be more opportunities to get a Shiny Miltank in the wild and both new challenges and researches, which will allow you to have more rewards by capturing some of the aforementioned Pokémon.

Johto’s Collection Challenge

johto collection challenge pokémon go
(Image: Niantic/The Pokémon Company)

To complete this challenge, players must capture at least one of each Pokémon from the following list:

  • Chikorita

  • Cyndaquil

  • Totodile

  • Sudowoodo

  • Sunkern

  • Murkrow

  • Smeargle

  • Miltank

  • Larvitar

Upon completion, you will earn a special badge, 15 Poké Balls, 10 Ultra Balls, and one Incense. 

To complement the Collection Challenge, Niantic has activated the following investigations, which will provide automatic encounters with certain Pokémon, in addition to giving 15 Poké Balls, one Incense, and 5,000 XP for completing all objectives.

Field Research

  • Use two Berries to help catch Pokémon: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile encounter

  • Take a Snapshot of your Buddy: Chinchou and Mareep encounter

  • Catch five Grass-type Pokémon: Sudowoodo encounter

  • Use seven Berries to help catch Pokémon: Miltank encounter

Today’s View Research

  • Catch 15 Dark-type Pokémon: 5 Great Balls

  • Catch one Shadow Pokémon: 5 Revives

  • Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader three times

Alongside all the Pokémon we've mentioned so far Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Wooper, Tyrogue, Smoochum, and Larvitar will be more likely to hatch from 5 km eggs.

Finally, Togetic, Espeon, Umbreon, Skarmory, and Miltank will be appearing more frequently in three-star raids. During and after the event ends, the legendary beasts Entei, Raikou, and Suicune will start to appear in five-star raids, from 26th January to 9th February.

Sneasel’s Limited Research

sneasel ltm pokémon go
(Image: Niantic/The Pokémon Company)

Last but not least, Niantic recently announced a limited research event for Sneasel. Here, players will have the chance to find a Shiny Sneasel during the event.

Additionally, players will also be able to enjoy a new Timed Research event. This one features a quest line with the Team GO Rocket theme, after completing it, it will lead players to a match against Legendary Bird Ho-Oh, which boasts Earthquake as an attack.

Sneasel's Limited Research Event will be available on 30th January from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM local time, while the Team GO Rocket Timed Research event is available from today until 7th February at 8:00 PM local time.

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