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Team GO Rocket Celebration: Start date, Shadow Pokémon, and raids

With the arrival of new events for the month of February, Team GO Rocket will go out to do their thing along with new Shadow Pokémon.
Team GO Rocket Celebration: Start date, Shadow Pokémon, and raids

This next month will be a great celebration for everything related to Pokémon, which will celebrate 25 years since the first launch of the main saga of the franchise, Pokémon Red and Green.

This is why the infamous Team GO Rocket will return to flight during the first week of February, during the Team GO Rocket Celebration event.

Team GO Rocket Celebration: Date, Shadow Pokémon and raids

Team GO Rocket Celebration: Date, Shadow Pokémon and raids
(Picture: Niantic)

This event will be active from 2-7th February and will re-introduce the mysterious Shadow Pokémon with the following being the main ones to appear:

  • Swinub
  • Nosepass
  • Aron
  • Spheal
  • Lileep
  • Anorith

In addition to these, other Pokémon will have a greater chance of appearing in the wild, as well as hatching from Strange Eggs with greater probability. You can check the full list through Niantic’s blog.

There will also be different raids based on the Team GO Rocket’s Pokémon teams and desires, these being:

  • One-star raids: Alolan Meowth, Alolan Grimer, Gligar, Sneasel, Shinx, and Klink.
  • Three-star raids: Nidoqueen, Ariados, Umbreon, Tyranitar, and Absol.
  • Five-star raids: Raikou and Suicune will both be appearing at different times. Please see the February events blog for more info on the Raid Boss schedule in February.
  • Mega Raids: Mega Venusaur, Mega Ampharos, and Mega Houndoom.

Pokemon Go Team GO celebration event all pokemon
(Picture: Niantic)

Team GO Rocket minions will be popping up more frequently around the map, with these having different teams of Pokémon during the event and after its conclusion.

If you can defeat Team GO Rocket Leaders during the event, you will have a chance to receive a Team GO Rocket Leader Gift sticker.

Also, be aware of the Team GO Rocket balloons, since they will be appearing with more frequency all over the map.

Pokemon Go celebration
(Picture: Niantic)

Finally, the Team GO Rocket – themed Timed Research that begins during the Johto Celebration event will continue during this event.

In the case you complete it, you will be rewarding an encounter with the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh that knows the exclusive attack Earthquake.