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Pokémon GO Little Cup Remix - Best Picks, Rules, And More

The Little Cup Remix brings the limited-time Pokémon GO Battle League mode back with a new spin that changes the best picks and rules.
Pokémon GO Little Cup Remix - Best Picks, Rules, And More

One of the most interesting GO Battle League options has returned to Pokémon GO, the Little Cup Remix. This League option uses some of the lower CP Pokémon in the game, with a new set of rules and a new bunch of best picks for your team.

So far, GO Battle League Season 11 has already featured one Cup remix in the Great League; however, this latest Little Cup Remix brings a unique twist that drastically changes team dynamics. Here's everything you need to know to stay competitive, including the rules and best picks for the Pokémon GO Little Cup Remix.

Pokémon GO Little Cup Remix - Rules

Season 11 GO Battle League little cup remix
Season 11 is full of new Cups for Trainers to battle in. (Picture: Niantic)

Trainers will have a week to participate in the Pokémon GO Little Cup Remix, starting from 20th July 2022 at 13:00 PT | 16:00 ET | 21:00 BST and ending on 27th July 2022 at the same time.

Most of the limited-time GO Battle League Cups have had similar guidelines or CP numbers that Trainers can expect. However, in the case of the Little Cup Remix, the CP range is 500, meaning that only Pokémon below 500 CP can enter. As the name suggests, this Cup is intended for players to use smaller options that are either first forms or really weak single forms. 

Unfortunately, the four most popular Pokémon from the previous Little Cup have been banned from use. These bans include Cottonee, Vulpix, Deino, and Bronzor. At least one of those four was guaranteed to show up in nearly every match.

Now that those options have been banned, the entire dynamic of the Cup will change. The meta has shifted, and now you'll need to look at some of the best options to take down other Trainers.

Pokémon GO Little Cup Remix - Best Picks

pokemon go little cup remix best picks go battle league
Use the Little Cup to get some extra ranks in the GO Battle League. (Picture: Niantic)

Of the top 20 Pokémon to choose from, a good chunk of the best picks are either Water-types or Poison-types. There are also some Dragon and Bug-types sprinkled in. You'll recognize a few options from the past Little Cup metas, but many picks are new.

  • Wynaut XL - Counter (Fast) and Mirror Coat (Charged)
  • Ducklett - Wing Attack (Fast) and Bubble Beam / Brave Bird (Charged)
  • Dratini - Dragon Breath (Fast) and Aqua Tail / Wrap (Charged)
  • Shelmet - Infestation (Fast) and Body Slam / Bug Buzz (Charged)
  • Skorupi - Poison Sting (Fast) and Cross Poison / Aqua Tail (Charged)
  • Jangmo-o - Dragon Tail (Fast) and Dragon Claw / Brick Break (Charged)
  • Drifloon - Hex (Fast) and Icy Wind / Shadow Ball (Charged)
  • Lickitung XL - Lick (Fast) and Body Slam / Power Whip (Charged)

When choosing the best picks for the Little Cup Remix, remember that Shadow or XL boosts can change the effectiveness. Wynaut that isn't XL candied to 500 CP won't be as effective. An option like Shadow Dratini will also be more powerful. But generally, stick to the list above, and you'll have a great base.

And that's all. For more awesome content, check out our section dedicated to Pokémon GO news, guides, updates, and more!


Featured image courtesy of Niantic.