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Pokémon GO Palkia – How To Catch, Moveset, Counters, And Weaknesses

The legendary Dragon/Water-type Palkia is returning to battle in the upcoming limited-time five-Star Raid event for Pokémon GO.
Pokémon GO Palkia – How To Catch, Moveset, Counters, And Weaknesses
Pokémon GO’s August content update will see the start of the 2022 Pokémon World Championships and a terrifying buggy event, Bug Out! The update will also feature new quality of life improvements, including anti-cheat measures and plenty of Raids happening in-game.

Trainers can look forward to several five-Star Raids, starting with the legendary Dragon/Water-type, Palkia. This guide will explore how you can find and catch this Pokémon and the best counters, moves, and stats to use in Pokémon GO.

How to find and catch Palkia in Pokémon GO?

This legendary Dragon/Water-type Pokémon is part of a “creation trio” known as Sinnoh, representing space. Introduced in Pokémon Pearl and Diamond, this Pokémon will make its presence known in an upcoming limited-time 5-Star Raid, starting on 31st July 2022, before it ends on 10th August 2022.

All Raid battles will start and end at 10 am local time, but all Trainers will be notified of any changes to the Raid rotations. Trainers also stand a chance of finding the Pokémon’s Shiny form during Raids in August, as they’ll need to be ready for the tricky encounter by knowing the best counters to use against it.

Best Palkia Counters in Pokémon GO

With Paika returning to battle, which kick-starts a new month of Raid Hours in Pokémon GO, Trainers need to be well-prepared to tackle the vicious Raid Boss. Akin to most Dragon-type Pokémon, it has a dual type, so you need to know which Pokémon type Palkia is most vulnerable.

pokemon go raid battle guide palkia best counters dragon water type fairy
As Palkia is a dual-type Pokémon, its moves would be weak to Dragon and Fairy counters. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Being a Dragon/Water-type Pokémon, Palkia is weak to other Dragon-type Pokémon and Fairy types. Therefore, selecting the best Pokémon for your Raid line-up should feature Fast and Charged Attacks that can inflict maximum damage and bonus attack bonuses to defeat it as quickly as possible.

Below we have suggested the best Dragon and Fairy-type counters that you should use in Raid Battles against Palkia:

Dragon-type counters:

  • Dragonite/Shadow Dragonite: Dragon Breath or Dragon Tail; Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, or, Outrage
  • Salamence/Shadow Salamence: Dragon Tail; Draco Meteor or Outrage
  • Latios: Dragon Breath; Dragon Claw
  • Rayquaza: Dragon Tail; Outrage
  • Dialga: Dragon Breath; Draco Meteor
pokemon go raid battle guide palkia best counters dragon type dialga
The Dragon/Steel Pokémon, Dialga, would be effective in battle against Palkia. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Fairy-type counters:

  • Gardevoir / Shadow Gardevoir: Charm; Dazzling Gleam
  • Togekiss: Charm; Dazzling Gleam
  • Sylveon: Charm; Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss or Moonblast

Other equally powerful non-Dragon and Fairy Pokémon Trainers can also utilize the Water/Dark-type Gyrados and its Mega Evolution form, Mega Gyrados. The Psychic-type Mewtwo and its Shadow form is another strong Pokémon that can benefit from heavy Psychic-based attacks.

Best Moveset and Stats for Palkia in Pokémon GO

Once Trainers have successfully defeated Palkia and added its entry into the Pokédex, they can utilize its dual-type attacks and stats to progress through various events and challenges, including Raid Battles and Leagues. 

pokemon go raid battle guide palkia base stats attack defense stamian combat power
Palkia has one of the best and strongest stats for a Dragon-type Pokémon in-game. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

By understanding its base stats, you can determine which events and challenges would be most effective and which moves would be best used in combat. Below, we’ve listed Palkia’s base stats, including its attack and Combat Power (CP):

  • ATK: 280
  • DEF: 215
  • STA: 189
  • Combat Power range: 2,190–2,280
  • Combat Power range with Weather Boost: 2,737–2,850

Palkia has a solid moveset quite similar to most Dragon Pokémon; however, the Dragon Breath or Dragon Tail Fast Attack and the Draco Meteor or Fire Blast Charged Attack is the best moveset for Palkia. In addition, they are highly viable, allowing them to either bait shields or inflict more damage consistently.

pokemon go raid battle guide palkia best moveset stats events challenges master league
Palkia's moves and dual-type make it the perfect choice of Pokémon to use in the Master League. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Its Fire Blast Charged Attack could damage most Pokémon types, while the Draco Meteor Attack works best against Steel types and is ineffective against Fairy types. Paika will do well in the Master League as its dual type is resistant to most movesets but attacks extremely hard and deals massive damage, making it a solid choice.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.