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How To Get Dialga In Pokémon GO - Best Moveset And Stats

Dialga is back in Pokémon GO for a limited time. Here are the best counters, moves, and stats for the legendary Steel/Dragon Pokémon.
How To Get Dialga In Pokémon GO - Best Moveset And Stats

Pokémon GO's legendary Steel/Dragon Pokémon, Dialga, has found its way back for a limited-time Raid event. This Pokémon will only be available in-game starting 22nd July 2022 at 10 am local time to 31st July 2022 at 10 am local time.

Since its previous in-game appearance last July, Trainers will now stand a better chance of catching this legendary Pokémon during the Raid Hour event. Here’s how Trainers can prepare themselves for the Dialga Raids with the best counters, movesets, and stats for Pokémon GO.

Best counters for Dialga in Pokémon GO

Dialga is most at risk against Fighting and Ground-type Pokémon, which will be beneficial when setting up your battle line-up. Additionally, if there are any Fighting or Ground-type Pokémon that have a quick attack or Charged Attack, they’ll benefit from a massive 20% bonus damage to their attacks.

pokemon go dialga raid guide best counters fighting type lucario fast charged attacks
Lucario's Fast and Charged Attacks and Fighting type can counter many of Dialga's moves. (Picture: The Pokémon Company)

Fighting-type counters:

  • Poliwrath/Shadow Poliwrath: Mud Shot or Rock Smash; Dynamic Punch, Power-Up Punch, Submission
  • Machamp/Shadow Machamp: Counter or Karate Chop; Close Combat, Cross Chop, Dynamic Punch or Submission
  • Breloom: Counter; Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama/Shadow Hariyama: Counter; Close Combat, Dynamic Punch or Superpower
  • Mega Lopunny: Low Kick; Focus Blast
  • Lucario: Counter; Aura Sphere, Close Combat, or Power-Up Punch
  • Conkeldurr: Counter; Dynamic Punch or Focus Blast

Ground-type counters:

  • Groudon: Mud Shot; Earthquake
  • Garchomp: Mud Shot; Earth Power, Earthquake or Sand Tomb
  • Rhyperior: Mud-Slap; Earthquake or Superpower
  • Mamoswine/Shadow Mamoswine: Mud-Slap; Bulldoze
  • Excadrill: Mud Shot or Mud-Slap; Drill Run or Earthquake
  • Landorus (Incarnate Forme): Mud Shot; Earth Power or Focus Blast
  • Landorus (Therian Forme): Mud Shot; Bulldoze, Earth Power, Earthquake, Focus Blast, or Superpower

It’s not required to have a Fighting or Ground-type within your line-up, as long as they have either type of attack. Regardless, to defeat the Pokémon, using its weaknesses would fair better for you.

When choosing your battle line-up, look for Pokémon with the better overall and Combat Power (CP) stats. It’s best to bring the best and most powerful Pokémon into battle against Dialga, and depending on how fast you can defeat it, it will influence the amount of Premier Balls received.

Best moveset and stats for Dialga in Pokémon GO

pokemon go dialga raid guide best movesets stats battles raids leagues
Once Trainers have defeated and caught Dialga, learn its stats and moves to use it during battles, raids, and other activities. (Picture: Niantic / Picture: The Pokémon Company)

With Dialga captured, putting this legendary Pokémon to great use during battles, raids, and other activities depends on how you’ll utilize its arsenal. Trainers can take advantage of its base stats below; however, it doesn’t have an evolved form:

  • ATK: 275
  • Def: 211
  • Sta: 205
  • Combat Power range: 2,217–2,307
  • Combat Power range with Weather Boost: 2,771–2,884

As a Steel-type Attacker, it’ll need to learn Metal Claw and Iron Head as its Fast and Charged Attacks, respectively. On the other hand, as a Dragon-type Pokémon, it can learn Dragon Breath as its Fast Attack and Draco Meteor and the Charged Attack with an additional Charged Attack, the Electric-type Thunder.

Teaching the Thunder Charged Attack gives Trainers more flexibility as it will complement the team’s battle strategy, especially if a Pokémon doesn’t have an effective Charged Attack. However, it does require plenty of Dialga Candy and Stardust to help it learn the second Charged Attack, and don’t forget about the Pinap Berries.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Poké Daxi for their breakdown of counters for Dialga in Pokémon GO. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.