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Pokémon Legends Arceus Heatran – Location and how to catch

This legendary Pokémon may be hard to find but can be a formidable opponent in battle. Here's where to find and catch Heatran in Pokémon Legends: Arceus!
Pokémon Legends Arceus Heatran – Location and how to catch

Trainers who have spent the time since the launch of Pokémon Legends: Arceus may have already completed the game's main campaign. However, once the credits start rolling, the thought of what comes next may come to mind.

While the game's main story may have ended, there is still plenty to be done in the Hisui region, with several side missions to complete and more pocket monsters to catch. One Pokémon that Trainers can add to their Pokédex is the legendary Heatran.

This guide will explain how to catch this legendary Pokémon, which side mission to complete and the best Pokémon to use in battle.

Where can you find Heatran in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

pokemon legends arceus heatran guide cognita how to catch heatran
Let Volo lead you to the Ancient Retreat, where you can speak with Cogita to trigger several Research Task missions. (Picture: Nintendo & YouTube / Nintendo Unity)

Once Trainers have completed the mainline story, they must travel to the Ancient Retreat and look for Cogita. After chatting to the NPC, a series of tasks will trigger, which Trainers will need to complete for her.

One of these tasks is an optional side mission, Research Task 22: The Plate of Firespit Island. Select this mission and head out for the Cobalt Coastlands to begin.

pokemon legends arceus heatran guide cobalt coastlands
Travel to Cobalt Coastlands to start the Research Task mission and find Heatran. (Picture: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

To reach this location, set a course for the Firepit Island travel waypoint on the island's east side. Upon arrival, look for Warden Palina and head left from her location to find Warden Iscan and Irida outside the volcano's cave northeast on the island.

Speak to the NPCs before heading inside, where you'll find the Fire/Steel-type Pokémon ready for battle. Before engaging with Heatran, Trainers will need to drop the Pokémon's shields by covering it with mud.

pokemon legends arceus heatran guide cave
Once trainers find Heatran, they should be prepared for battle. (Picture: Nintendo & YouTube / Nintendo Unity)

Before starting this side mission, Trainers who acquired the Mud Ball item will find it easier to catch Heatran. Otherwise, grab some mud nearby to remove its shields and then battle with Heatran.

How to defeat Heatran in 

Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

To defeat Heatran, any powerful Water, Ground or Fighting Pokémon will be most effective in this battle. However, based on the game's Pokédex, we recommend using Gyarados, Machamp or Lucario to overwhelm Heatran's moves.

pokemon legends arceus heatran guide pokemon battle
Trainers can use any Water, Ground or Fighting-type Pokémon to defeat Heatran. (Picture: Nintendo & Nintendo Unity)

Once Heatran's HP reflects yellow or red, the Pokémon should be ready to catch, which we suggest doing with a Great or Ultra Ball.

If Heatran isn't successfully caught, keep your Pokémon's HP high enough to survive the encounter whilst continuing to throw Poké Balls at Heatran.

After Heatran is caught, Trainers will have added another Pokémon to their Pokédex to use in future battles. In addition, catching Heatran will award them the Iron Plate, which will come in handy later when catching Arceus.


Featured image courtesy of Nintendo / The Pokémon Company.