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Pokémon Legends Arceus – What are Research Tasks and how to earn Research Points

Research Tasks play an essential role in completing your Pokédex and increasing your Star Rank in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
Pokémon Legends Arceus – What are Research Tasks and how to earn Research Points

Pokémon Legends: Arceus chronicles one Trainer’s journey in becoming a successful Trainer but also their attempt to develop the first Hisuian Pokédex. The game is appreciated for featuring a great range of Pokémon across multiple generations housed within the Hisui region.

As you catch every Pokémon found in the region, its data will be recorded in the Pokédex, which can be achieved by taking on Research Tasks. These assignments will significantly benefit Trainers as they will reward them with Research Points, contributing to your progress towards a Star Rank.

This guide explains what Research Tasks are in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, where to find them in your Pokédex and how to earn Research Points.

What are Research Tasks?

pokemon legends arceus guide research tasks cyllene office
Head out into the wild to catch Pokémon and record their data in the Pokédex. (Picture: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

Before Trainers can begin to compile their comprehensive Pokédex, they will need to have the Pokémon recorded on a page located within the Pokédex. In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, this is a literal book and not a gadget.

Every Pokémon has specific Research Tasks which Trainers can complete by doing assignments particular to that Pokémon. It’s important to remember that some Research Tasks are connected to Requests like the "Bothersome Bidoof" Request, which Trainers can do alongside the Research Tasks.

pokemon legends arceus guide research tasks request bothersome bidoof
The "Bothersome Bidoof" is one Request that's connected to Biddof's Research Tasks. (Picture: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

Specific assignments will come in stages as Trainers will be repeating the same task for trainers to increase the Pokémon’s Research Level. An excellent example of this is the “Number Caught” task, which requires Trainers to catch a specific Pokémon species multiple times.

To locate your Pokémon’s Research Tasks, go into your Pokédex and press the Down button on your D-pad. This will bring up the Pokémon’s pages where you can browse through all the Research Tasks and their Research Level at the bottom of their Pokédex page.

pokemon legends arceus guide research tasks pokedex
Locate the Research Tasks within the Pokédex to start collecting data. (Picture: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

Furthermore, when completing a Research Task, the Progress Report page will appear, which reviews all the tasks completed, Pokémon data updated or finished and Research Points accumulated. These reports can then be submitted to Professor Laventon at any encampments to reward your Research Points.

How to earn Research Points?

Trainers can earn Research points in a few ways during their adventures in the Hisui region. By completing Research Tasks and recording data for your Pokédex, they will gain Research Points which will help increase the Trainers’ Star Rank.

pokemon legends arceus guide research points pokedex
On the front of the Pokédex, Trainers can view the amount of Research Points that have earned. (Picture: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

To start recording data for the Pokémon listed in the Pokédex, they need to be caught before Trainers can begin tracking and collecting data. Once listed, they can view the Pokémon’s page, which will include its Pokémon type, weight, food and items carried, and associated Research Tasks.

You must accept the Research Tasks to start collecting more data to update the Pokédex and earn Trainers Research Points. To view the Research Points accumulated, look for the Pokédex Progress Review after completing your Research Task.

pokemon legends arceus guide research points bidoof
Complete as many Research Tasks to earn Research Points and increase the Pokémon's Research Level. (Picture: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company)

Trainers are able to view how many Research Points they’ve earned, in addition to the tasks completed, Pokémon species that have been recorded and track any progress made to your Star Rank.

Furthermore, by going directly to their Pokédex, they can view their Research Points and their Star Rank progress displayed on the front.

The progress made towards completing your Pokédex entries will take much longer to do than the game’s main story Missions. Followingly, completing Research Tasks and researching the Pokémon is proven as you compile and produce the very first Pokédex for the Hisui region.


Featured image courtesy of Nintendo / The Pokémon Company.