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Pokémon Smile is a free app to encourage kids to brush their teeth

A number of new Pokémon mobile games have been announced, including an app designed to help kids brush their teeth.
Pokémon Smile is a free app to encourage kids to brush their teeth

While many expected Pokémon Sleep to get a grand unveiling, The Pokémon Company has instead announced two new mobile titles for the franchise in its Pokemon Presents broadcast.

The first is Pokémon Smile, an app designed primarily to encourage kids to brush their teeth by turning the laborious task into a game. 

Judging by the trailer, the app uses the camera so when kids brush their teeth they’re catching Pokémon which pop up on screen - all in a unique art style. 

The app is aiming to “develop healthy toothbrushing habits through fun”, with the hopes it’ll become a ritual for kids the world over. 


It’s certainly a curveball but it makes sense alongside their plans with Pokémon Sleep, which aims to make sleeping a game in itself too. 

It wasn’t the only new mobile title they announced, with Pokémon Cafe Mix also unveiled during the Pokémon Presents broadcast. 

Pokemon Smile
Pokemon Smile is available now (Picture: Nintendo)


This game is a more traditional puzzle title where you have to fulfil orders in a cafe from Pokémon, using the touchscreen to swipe around on both mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch.

Elsewhere in the presentation, they also announced a new Pokemon Snap title which is in development for Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Smile is available to download now on Android and iOS. Pokémon Cafe Mix is available on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices at a future date.