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Pokémon Unite Espeon guide - Held items, movesets and more

Espeon is the latest psychic cat to join Pokémon Unite, boasting massive damage. Here are the Movesets and Held Items for Espeon.
Pokémon Unite Espeon guide - Held items, movesets and more

Pokémon Unite developer TiMi Studio Group recently released its latest character, Espeon, in addition to an Espeon event, where players can complete missions in the game and earn themselves a Unite license for Espeon.

Adding to the pool of ranged attackers in Pokémon Unite, Espeon is a psychic-type character. It offers massive damage in the game and is one of the finest evolutions of Eevee.

However, Espeon struggles without proper Moveset and Held Items in the game. Therefore, it is crucial for our ranged squishy attacker to get the basics right. But worry not, as this guide will explain everything you need to know.

Pokémon Unite - Espeon Movesets

Espeon has enormous potential if played properly. However, before we delve deep into the Pokémon’s moves, here's a quick rundown of what this psychic cat offers.

Espeon’s Psyshock move pokemon unite
Espeon’s Psyshock move. (Picture: Pokémon Unite)

Espeon starts as an Eevee and has Swift and Growl moves at Levels 1 and 2. Eevee then evolves into Espeon at Level 4, gaining Psyshock or Stored Power as upgrades to Swift. Psybeam or Future Sight will become upgrades to Growl once you reach Level 6. Lastly, at Level 8, we have the Unite move Psychic Solare.

Psybeam build

The Psybeam build involves combining Psybeam with Psyshock. Both these abilities have a low cooldown and are extremely powerful. Psybeam is an area-of-effect ability, dealing damage to the first Pokémon it touches and then splits, damaging other enemy characters in an area.

Psyshock is also a top spell if you want to dish out tons of damage. Espeon charges a blast and aims it towards a target affecting a wide area. Usage of Psybeam, along with Psyshock, requires precision, and mistakes are not welcome.

Furthermore, Espeon is very squishy and lacks escape abilities. Therefore, one wrong move can prove costly. However, once you have mastered aiming these spells, it will rain doom on the enemy.

Future Sight build

The most broken build on Espeon is the combination of Future Sight and Psyshock. It is daunting to see players get opportunities to use Psyshock multiple times in a row. However, the timely use of Future Sight can make this possible.

If the player can knock out an enemy Pokémon with Future Sight and Psyshock, Espeon gains another charge of Psyshock, which it can use a third time after using Future Sight again. This gives the ranged attacker three Psyshocks in a row. After that, the enemy has no chance of standing in front of Espeon.

Pokémon Unite - Espeon Held Items

Fortunately, Espeon’s Held Items remain the same in Psybeam and Future Sight builds. The first item of choice is Buddy Barrier, one of the most overpowered items in the game.

Espeon unlocks its Unite move at Level 8, which is very early by Pokémon Unite standards. Espeon must have Buddy Barrier during the Unite move’s duration as it provides a much-needed shield to your squishy character and your team.

Espeon’s Held Items pokemon unite
Espeon’s Held Items. (Picture: Pokémon Unite)

The next item is Special Attack Specs. Espeon is one of the few special attackers in the game, and this item will help you build attack damage by scoring goals. Espeon gets a boost of +12 damage to its special attack for every goal it scores.

The last item in our bag is Choice Specs. This item will provide additional damage of 50 or more to Espeon’s moves. Connected to special attacks of the Pokémon, when the damage number on the special attack increases, your moves will inflict bonus numbers on the enemy.

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Featured image courtesy of The Pokémon Company.