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Pokémon UNITE Adds New 4v4 Game Mode And Balance Changes

Pokémon UNITE's latest game update adds a new 4v4 competitive game mode, Catch 'Em Battles and balance changes for several Pokémon.
Pokémon UNITE Adds New 4v4 Game Mode And Balance Changes

Pokémon MOBA game, Pokémon UNITE, is launching a new game mode that finally incorporates an element from the Pokémon RPG games. This game mode, Catch 'Em Battles, will be available in-game alongside the latest game update for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Developer TiMi Studio Group has yet to release the patch notes for v, which sees several Pokémon's abilities getting nerfed or buffed. We've covered what trainers need to know about the latest game mode and detailed the latest patch notes for Pokémon UNITE.

Pokémon UNITE v update – New Catch 'Em Battles game mode

The latest game update, v, for Pokémon UNITE will implement a new game mode, Catch 'Em Battles, announced on the official Pokémon website. The accompanying trailer provided trainers with some gameplay footage on how the mode will function, which is reported to be in rotation from launch until 27th June 2022.

pokemon unite game update catch em battles game mode gameplay 4v4 wild pokemon
Alongside the new Catch 'Em Battles game mode, the developer launched recent balance changes for several Pokémon. (Picture: TiMi Studio Group / The Pokémon Company

Catch 'Em Battles is a 4v4 game mode which allows Pokémon trainers to catch wild Pokémon before using them in battle at the Aeos Stadium. Should trainers weaken a wild Pokémon during a battle, they can use their Pokéball to catch 'em and add to their team.

With the wild Pokémon caught, they can rotate their battle party roster by pressing the allocated button to access the Pokémon. This gives trainers the advantage of switching between Pokémon during battles, especially between low and full health.

pokemon unite game update catch em battles game mode gameplay espeon
The psychic Pokémon, Espeon, was recently added to the current battle roster for Pokémon UNITE. (Picture: TiMi Studio Group / The Pokémon Company)

The developer hasn't detailed whether the new Pokémon will be introduced in this game mode as the game recently added Espeon early this month. If not, the current Pokémon roster may be featured as wild Pokémon for this game mode.

Pokémon UNITE v update – Patch notes

The v game update for Pokémon UNITE includes a host of balance changes to several Pokémon, including Lucario, Cinderace and Blastoise. This will see either movesets getting buffed or nerfed, first reported by notable Pokémon source, Serebii.

Below, we've detailed the complete patch notes for the Pokémon UNITE v game update:

Move/Ability Change Values
Previous New
X-Scissor Cooldown decreased 9 Seconds 7 seconds
Rapid Spin Effects on Pokémon weakened    
Hydro Pump Cooldown decreased 8.5 Seconds 7.5 seconds
Hydro Typhoon Damage decreased   2023
Surf Damage decreased 1575 1402
Smokescreen Bug fixes for effects not triggering    
Extreme Speed + Move downgrade    
Power-Up Punch Bug fix for damage    
Hyperspace Fury Damage decreased 226 per hit
1582 total
160 per hit
1120 total
Psybeam Damage decreased 2046 1841
Rings Unbound Damage decreased    
Blaze Kick Damage decreased 1002
1125 with burn
875 with burn
Pyro Ball + Effect on user strengthened    
Feint Movement speed increase strengthened    
Stats Increased    
Aqua Tail Damage Increased 534 first & second hit
1068 final hit
502 first & second hit
1055 final hit
Play Rough Damage Increased 180 per hit
540 total
358 per hit
1074 total
Evolution Level Changed 9 8
Confusion Damage increased 1152 1430
Psyshock Damage increased 1247 First Hit
1306 Second Hit
1365 Third Hit
3918 total
1404 First Hit
1470 Second Hit
1537 Third Hit
4411 total
Stat Attack increased 440 460
Scald Damage Increased 546 three hits
1843 total
105 per burn
2163 afterburn
669 three hits
1843 total
128 per burn
2263 afterburn
Scald Movement Speed Decrease Strengthened    
Scald Attack Decrease Strengthened    
Slowbeam UNITE Move Charge Rate increased    
Solar Beam Damage Increased 10290 (Max) 10655 (Max)
Egg Bomb Damage Decreased 1446 1108
Egg Bomb Cooldown decreased 7.5 seconds 2 seconds
Soft-Boiled Cooldown decreased 2 seconds 2 seconds
Sacred Sword Duration of effects on opponents reduced    
Mr Mime
Showtime! Duration of effects on opponents increased    
Stat Attack increased 495 520

The Pokémon UNITE v game update is now live for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The 4v4 Catch 'Em Battles game mode is also available now for the MOBA game.

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Featured image courtesy of TiMi Studio Group / The Pokémon Company.