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Samsung launches Pokémon-themed phone

One of Samsung's newest phones is set to release with a special Pokémon-themed model edition.
Samsung launches Pokémon-themed phone

Samsung's 2021 Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes in what the company calls "unexpected colors," including lavender, green, cream, and, as of April 2022, Pokemon-themed.

Samsung announced on 20th April 2022 that they will collaborate with The Pokémon Company to create a Pokémon-themed phone by posting a countdown on their site.

The webpage features a countdown to 25th April 2022, suggesting that fans will likely receive all the juicy details about this phone then. For now, here's what we do know about the Pokémon-themed Samsung phone, including how much it will likely cost and what will be included.

Samsung's Poké-phone

The Pokémon Edition comes with various accessories. (Image: Samsung)

Official images of the Pokémon-themed phone show that it comes with a number of accessories, including a Pikachu picture case, a Pokémon Custom Pack, a Pikachu Clear Cover Set, a Pokémon Pouch, a lanyard strap, a Pikachu tail keychain, and a Poké Ball phone stand.

These are all limited-edition items that collectors will no doubt want to get a hold of as quickly as possible.

According to the Samsung site where the countdown for the product is posted, "actual product may differ from the image above, and individual components may be changed due to specific circumstances."

The Samsung Korea website features a countdown counting down to 25th April, when the company will likely release more information about the phone. (Image: Samsung website)

The footer also notes that this limited-edition version of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will only be available on the company's website and not in physical stores.

The Pokemon-themed Galaxy Z Flip 3 seems like it will only be released in Korea for now, since the announcement and countdown for the phone were uploaded exclusively to the Korean Samsung site - but we cannot confirm this just yet.

The exact price for the phone has not been announced. That said, the basic colors for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 retail for $999.99. Since this is a limited-edition collector's edition phone, it's likely the secondary transactions will trade for well above the retail amount.

That's everything we currently know about the upcoming Pokemon phone, what will be included, the cost, and how you can get your hands on one.

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Featured image courtesy of Samsung / The Pokémon Company.